Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Indianapolis Temple

I was so excited to read this announcement:

New Indianapolis Temple Information: "It will be located in Carmel. The property has been identified, the purchase price agreed but the sale has not yet closed, so they will not disclose the exact location at this time. It is anticipated to be 50% larger than the Louisville Temple…. It takes about three years from property purchase to temple dedication, so this might be anticipated in the Fall of 2013. Groundbreaking ceremonies typically occur one year from property purchase, so anticipate this in Fall of 2011. There are anticipated to be only three dedicatory sessions, with attendance by special invitation. All members will be invited to attend a closed-circuit broadcast in their meetinghouses. This will be for all baptized members 8 years and older who receive a special recommend from their bishop or branch president."

Carmel is a great spot and on the north side of Indy....closer to us! Google maps says 2 hours and 10 minutes:):):) Plus, my parents (and a wonderful brother-in-law and sister-in-law:)are on the way so I can drop off the kids and visit the temple! So exciting! I can remember this temple being promised to us in a regional conference when I was young. What a great thing to see happen!