Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fall is pretty much over...

but here are some great leaf pictures! Hee, hee! Isn't fun to play in the leaves and watch your kids (and husband) jump in? Emily was here for the occasion too! Fun stuff! Now on to snow...

Natalie is 4!

She has a silly look on her face and her face is also covered in spaghetti sauce. What a cutie!

Presents from Grandma!

And here is the cake made by me:) It was fun and luckily, she really liked the bunny shape because it was the easiest of the themed cakes to make! I am not that creative or talented when it comes to cooking. She was easily pleased! Happy Birthday, Natalie! We love you!

Seth Laughs!

This is cutie little video of Seth making himself laugh. Of course, for the full 5 minutes before I got the camera out, he was laughing his head off. He's making a clicking noise with his tongue that makes him laugh. He was getting a kick out of the Pez dispenser, too. What a kid.

I am trying out this new "compact movie" function on my camera. It's not great, I guess, but I can never get my other videos posted. They are just too big! So anyway, here it is:)

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Opening of Twilight!

Finally, something to blog about!! I loved it! I think that they did a great job using most of the big events in the book. I wasn't thrilled about Bella, but I didn't like her character in the book either. Not until book 4. My other qualm was that Edward wasn't suave enough for me. I guess that I just have George in my head as the perfect Edward and this guy doesn't hold a candle to him :)

I loved actors and actresses that played all the vampires. I liked Emmet, Victoria, and Alice especially. My favorite scene was the one where he climbs the trees with her and they just chat. It was so sweet.

It was such a fun girls night out! 2 of us went out to dinner and then met the other 3 girls at the theatre. We just chatted for 2 hours while waiting for the show that started at 12:01. There were many "Twi-hards" in the theatre and it was fun to watch the movie with girls swooning and sighing all over the place. One of our friends in a different theatre said there was a guy behind her snoring during the romantic parts. :) This TOTALLY would have been George! We met another friend at Steak and Shake at about 2:30am and had a blast talking our heads off for an hour about the movie and all the books. Fun!!! Thanks, ladies!

This was my first ever midnight showing of a movie and it was so worth it. Once I got home, I didn't fall asleep until5am and slept until 7am and that was it for me. George did take care of the kids until 8am, but I could only think about how I only had one hour to get some more sleep, so, of course, I couldn't sleep. :) Argh. Maybe I will get a nap in later....maybe! Go see Twilight!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Pretty much nothing!

Bloggy, blog, blog, blog. I got nothing. Nothing to say. Nothing interesting, but I want a new post on my blog, so I WILL think of something!

Is anyone going to see the Twilight movie at midnight on Thursday? Anyone? I am planning on it. Luckily, George and I keep late hours most of the time, so I should be ok.

I got my hair cut on Saturday! Yeah for short hair! It's not as short as I would have liked, but I kept it below my chin just like Geo asked. What is it with guys and long hair? I don't get it. It seems that if they had but one day of long hair (washing it, straightening it, brushing it, pulling it off clothes and out of kids mouths or out of the drain..nasty!) they would understand!

That's all I can think of...sorry it's lame:)

Sunday, November 2, 2008