Monday, March 21, 2011


So, here is what I have been doing lately. I read a post on my friend, Emily's blog, that pointed me to this other blog entry and I decided to do what she was doing (though not for Lent, as we are not Catholic or Lutheran:) But I loved the idea of having a deadline and having a goal. Her idea was 40 days of Lent, 40 bags of clutter. I didn't know if I could do that exactly, but I liked her idea. So I split my house into 38 parts (see above pic) and went to work. It was so much easier to declutter the bill holder than to feel like I had to declutter the whole kitchen all in one big swoop. This has been so great! I have gotten rid of 5 large bins of stuff to sell\give away and tons of trash. Seriously! Trash?!? Where does it all come from?

Anyway, for some reason, dividing up the house like this really did it for me. I could just do a small chunk at a time and have even KEPT IT CLEAN for two weeks now! Yay! It truly is liberating! I LOVE this kind of stuff. And thanks to the girl at the Clover Lane blog-it's been a great run for me. I now have about 15 spots left, but some of them are REALLY big and will take a few days to do ( I am sure this is why they are still left:)

One of the hardest things to do will be decluttering school stuff, which I should do now, before I head down to the Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati. I never want to get rid of any of it! What if a kid needs it later on? But, it does get a bit ridiculous. We'll see if I tackle that one before I head to Cincy.

Other than decluttering, school is going well...we are liking dinosaurs a lot better than States! We bought our plane tickets to Taiwan last week! SO exciting! I did the Pinewood Derby and didn't die. I don't know why Scout stuff causes me SO MUCH STRESS, but it does. And I think that's about it. Oh, we had our first play date of the year at the park last Thursday. C'mon Spring, you can do it! Happy Days!

PS I know why I like to declutter at this time of year so's almost garage sale season. Time to buy other people's clutter!! :)

A child's perspective:)

Any guesses as to which child took this picture? Your guess is as good as mine!

Here's some fun winter pics!

The snow tunnel in the backyard:)

Seth on the huge mound of snow from the plow

Sam in his winter get-up. He's just so cute!

The snow was a little much for Nat, I guess:)