Monday, October 22, 2012


So, as I am listening to the Presidential Debate (and am extremely tired of hearing them say the same things...) I have nothing better to do then dump my brain into this post.

  • The 6 mile race.  Sigh.  It was rough.  I ran the whole thing, but I have not run since.  It makes me a bit sad, but the race really hurt my knees, so I want to find an alternative sport. I have tried biking (too cold now, but I love it), swimming (bad on my hair :), and walking (too slow)!  I really want to just do Zumba (dance aerobics) everyday, but that doesn't work in my schedule very well.  Anyway, I am so glad that I set the goal to run the 6 miles in January and achieved it! Now I need a new goal!
  • School is going well.  We have finished our unit on Detectives and started our one on Fall.  We will start an Election one after Halloween, if I am not too disenchanted by this debate!  Math is going well for both kids now (Math U See) and we are using, which is fun for them.  We are also doing a gym class, art class, and a music class this semester.  I am teaching the music class.  It's been interesting to teach 13 kids to play the recorder...
  • I love watching the season change.  The weather is gorgeous...70 degrees today!  The colors are amazing around here.  
  • I had the absolutely amazing opportunity last weekend to help my best friend welcome her little baby boy into the world.  She went into labor at 1am and delivered little Brigham at 6:13pm. It was a long haul, but one I wouldn't have missed for the world!  My 13th "doula" birth on October 13th.  Fun!  When I grow up, I want to become a certified doula:)
  • I want to go on a vacation.  I wish George had more vacation time so that we could take a month and drive across the country and see everything we learn about in our homeschool.  The kids love to play "Stack the States" on the iPod and are curious about the states and the landmarks in them.  I want to just pack up and go...isn't that why we homeschool? 
  • Tried my hand at canning.  I planted a cucumber plant that produced about 30+ cukes, so I made lime pickles.  I used Linda's recipe and they turned out well!  I was so excited!  It wasn't as hot and laborious as I thought it would be, but it certainly was sticky!  A lot of sugar goes into those pickles...I am sure that's why the kids love them:)  George too!
  • We carved our pumpkins on Saturday.  They were actually Grandpa's pumpkins, grown on his farm.  I love this time of year...the kids have so much fun.  Grandpa's pumpkins were huge this year, so it was quite the job to clean them out.  I thought they turned out adorable, though.  I will try to post a picture.
Ok, heading to bed.  I just grabbed all of the pics off the camera so perhaps there will be a long, picture post soon!  Goodnight, blog world!