Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vacation or not?

I am so sad.  We had plans to leave tonight to head up to Wisconsin to camp with my folks, but I am just too sick!  I called George in tears this morning and said, "I just don't think I can pull it all together.  I feel so horrible!" So we are still here.  I do think we will be able to go later this week and I am praying I feel tons better..  I am just thankful that we don't have to cancel the trip altogether!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Need to vent...

Today, we went across the street to meet our new neighbors.  Very nice people, kids were a little rough, but it could be worse, right?  So, while I was talking to the mom, the kids began throwing around those small spikey seed balls off a sugar gum tree.  I had my back to the kids, but I noticed after a bit, that they were throwing these balls across the street into our neighbor's yard.  Now, this neighbor is VERY particular about her yard.  I know that.  As soon as I noticed they were doing that, I made sure that they stopped.  We finished talking and walked back across the street.  I asked Levi to go next door and pick up any seed balls that he saw in the neighbor's yard.  He came back with maybe 5. 

We sat down to have snacks and then someone came banging on our front door- like something was really wrong, you know, an emergency or something.  I saw my VERY particular neighbor and I could tell that she was agitated.  I ran to open the door, to help her with whatever she needed, and she started yelling at me.  She accused me of throwing all kinds of junk in her yard (and used some choice cuss words here while my kids were listening-boo).  She went on to say, "There's dysfunctional kids over there(pointing at the new neighbor's house) and then, add YOUR kids, and well...HAVE FUN!" in a horribly sarcastic way, and they stomped off.  When she got to the point where our yards meet, she yelled, "And mow your yard or I am calling the city!"  (She mows hers 4 times a week and we mow ours about 4 times a month, if that.)

I just stood there, speechless.  Mostly because I know this neighbor and I like her.  I have thought that perhaps she doesn't love my kids, but she has always been very nice to them and would give them popsicles and things.  She mows part of my yard (which I thought she was doing just to be nice...)  We would carol there at Christmas and take over bread and cookies.  Her husband often snowblows our driveway and front walk.  I did not expect this from her.  She is very gossipy and I have often wondered what she says behind my back, but now, I guess I know!  My feelings were are so hurt and I just can't get over it.  I don't care that much about what she thinks of me, but now I feel like I should keep my kids away from her and not ever say hi or even wave to her. 

Seriously?  I feel like I am in middle school trying to figure out what I have done to deserve this.  And, if this is how a 65 year old lady deals with conflict in her life, she's got bigger problems than I thought.  I guess I just need to let this go.  I think the part that really bugs is that she implied that I am a bad mom and that my kids are bad.  I have never gotten this vibe from her before and I talk to her often in the summer. 

The kids were very upset about the whole thing.  As soon as I shut the door, Levi said, "What have we done?  Will she call the police?"  Natalie said, "Are we going to be arrested?" and Seth said, "Is she going to take all my toys away?"  It was heartbreaking!  I am hoping she had a horrible day and that this "yard junk" was the last straw, but I wished she would have calmly walked over and said, "There is junk in my yard.  It came from your kids, come pick it up."  We would have happily and apologetically done it.  As it is now, I am upset, the kids are upset and there is nothing we can do to fix it. Boo!!! 

Thanks, everyone.  I feel much better now:)  Back to my happy bloggy life!