Monday, January 31, 2011

Potty Training week....

Or not. We started on Saturday and it was ok...3 in the potty, 3 on the floor at about 3pm. I had thrown away the poopy underwear. Anyway, then I left to get groceries which took me longer than usual because it wasn't my usual store. When I pulled in, George came out to meet me and said he had followed all of my directions and the little guy had still peed on the floor 4 times! Ugh. So we skipped Sunday. He woke up this morning talking about it so we are on the train again. So far, we're 1 and 1 (again with the throwing away poopy underwear). Is this really worth it? Is he even ready? Amazing how this is kid #4 and potty-training still baffles me!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Big Boy Bed

Today while at Homeschool Gym and Swim, I offered Seth's crib to a friend of mine getting ready to have a baby. We exchanged info and I told her as soon as we got around to switching beds, I would let her know and we would deliver it. So, when George came home I told him that I had given away Seth's crib. He asked if we had another bed for him and I told him we had a toddler bed that was in the attic. Soon after that I left for Scouts.

When I got home, I noticed the garage looked like someone had gotten in the attic. I came in, super impressed that George had gotten up there right after I mentioned it and gotten the bed down. Turns out, he thought that when I said I had given the bed away he thought I meant I had given it! So he had that toddler bed already to go and got up to Seth's room and couldn't understand why there was a crib in there. So, long story short, Seth is now in a big boy bed. And loves it, George says.

This makes me happy and sad. Happy because I am ready for Seth to grow up. The 2's have been really rough. I am ready to move on. I am planning to potty train next week. And now...he's in a big boy bed.

But I am a bit sad. All things baby are leaving our house and you all know...I LOVE babies! I would love to have tons of kids...if my body could handle it, if it could be easy to homeschool with a baby (it is with a baby, just not a toddler), if we had tons of room, if we had unlimited funds, if children were always perfectly obedient and got along:) Now, don't get me wrong, these are not reasons not to have kids. At least, not for me. I am just saying I could have a pile of kids if it were super easy. As it is not, I will pray about my decision and the Lord will let me know what I should do.

Well, back to the big boy bed. Yay for Seth and for watching my wonderful kids become wonderful big kids!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Polaris Press in January

It's been tough to get back on the wagon since Christmas. I have done school, but haven't felt all that motivated about it. I am hoping this improves as we are only half-way done with the year! Right now, we are doing oceans, which is really interesting. Can you name all 5 oceans without looking? I couldn't! But now, I can. And I am not 100% sure that they are the same as they were when I was a kid. Ok, I just Googled it and it wasn't the same! They "created" a new ocean in 2000. Can you DO that?

Anyway, it's been fun. Math has been going well. We're back on Math U See for both kids now and it's going well. Natalie was complaining there for a bit, so I backed her up a little. If she was in public school, she would only be in K and I was pushing her too hard. Now that we have gone to some easier concepts, she enjoys it much more. Levi is flying along with multiplication. I think it's fun for him to learn this new concept.

I am looking for a good (inexpensive) spelling program that I can stick with. I have started a few, but not stuck with them. Dictation has worked well in helping improve spelling, but I am afraid it's not enough. Levi still wants to spell everything phonetically if he is writing it down. He's much better at spelling orally (like spelling bee style). Natalie, on the other hand, can spell just about anything! I think she pictures how she sees it written. It's amazing how different they are in this regard. I hope to find a spelling program at the Midwest Convention in March. Can't wait to go to that!

Levi is reading like crazy and I am trying to keep him interested in some good books. He likes mystery chapter books. He's not into fantasy much, which surprises me. He also loves reading the Fudge books, Magic Treehouse, and Time Warp Trio. Any suggestions on a good series for him?

Today, kids went ice skating with homeschool buddies and the little boys jumped in the bounce houses. Fun! We also got to watch the local Semi-Pro hockey team practice for a while. Seth LOVED that!

A few random things:
  • George and I started a new diet. If it works, I will give details. If not, we'll just move on and pretend it never happened!
  • George and I are planning a trip to Taiwan in May. So exciting!
  • My family will be all together around Easter. My brother and sister will both fly home with their families. Yay!!!!!
  • Next up on the agenda, Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet. Has anyone done anything fun at one? I have to plan it and haven't a clue!
  • Feel a craving to doula someone's labor and delivery sometime soon. Lots of my friends are pregnant and babies are on my brain!
Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

If you don't hear from me...

I will be playing Plants vs. Zombies that Levi got for Christmas. Curse you Pop Cap Games! And my brother who works for them! If you have never heard of this game and have lots of time to spend killing zombies with plants, check it out here.