Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Bucket List

Well, we have been doing lots of things, many of which were on our "summer bucket list".  I think I will list some of them just so you know we are alive and doing well!

  • Farm Camp and Lego Robotics camp.  That has been this week and the kids have loved it!  And I have loved the quiet time:)  It almost makes me want to send kids away to school...just kidding!
  • Birthday parties.
  • Water gun fights.
  • 3 Rivers Festival Parade.
  • Fourth of July parade, cotton candy, family party and city fireworks.
  • Swimming and splash pads.
  • Playing with lots of different friends, who are usually in school.
  • Getting excited about the Jones family reunion.
  • Planning for a Wisconsin camping trip.
  • Avoiding the heat (over 100*) often!
That's kind of a lame list, but I am tired and can't think anymore.  I have been rearranging the school room and figuring out curriculum.  I plan to start school in early August and turns out, that's just not that far away.  We'll see if I am ready or not!