Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More pictures...

Blissfully asleep on mommy's lap...
you know, the milk induced coma!

Wait, did you just take a picture of me?

My mommy loves this picture!

Stop sticking that Nuk in my eye, Sammy!

Milk for dinner again??

What can I say? I am adored!

Natalie is my second mommy!

Seth is 1 month old already!

My main goal is to get the bills paid while I am on the computer, but since my banking site is down, I am going to post some pictures of baby Seth! Hope you enjoy them!

What ARE you doing?

Sleeping like a baby!

Daddy reads Seth a book!

Am I cute or what?

This is my "crazy baby" face:)

Thursday, April 24, 2008


It seems like I think of all kinds of things to blog about until I have time to sit at the computer and now...I've got nothing. But I have time, so there will be something posted anyway. Will it be interesting? Perhaps not. Oh well.

I just finished reading Pride and Prejudice and I have decided that reading books that I really like cannot be a daytime hobby for me. I ignore everything...laundry, cleaning, kids:) and just read and read. Well, you know, the kids can't REALLY be ignored so then I just feel frustrated because I would rather be reading. Does anyone else have this problem? And of course, after finishing the book, I want to watch the movies. Not just one, but the three versions I have in my house right now. I was amazed that the kids lasted as long as they did. Natalie kept asking who the grumpy man was...of course, it was Mr. Darcy:) They liked the dancing parts. I got halfway through the Kiera Knightly version today. The rest will have to wait!

I also spent some time outside today. Have you ever gotten really into a project that, in the end, no one will ever see and it was way too much work? That was me in the backyard today. We have this huge, weed-ridden spot right outside our back door and I decided to clean it out. A ton of work (I didn't even finish it) and I don't know what I will do to keep all the weeds from coming back. I would love to make a beautiful flower garden, but I am sooo bad at growing things. So I may just put some big rocks in there:) You know, pretty rocks!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Wake Up Call

So, 2 nights ago it was the Harley that woke me up early and last night it was the EARTHQUAKE! I could have sworn someone was trying to break into our house and made George go check it out. It scared me! Boy, was I relieved to hear it was an earthquake! Who ever thought we would feel an earthquake in our city??

Thursday, April 17, 2008

ABC's and 123's

Wow, this took me forever. But fun! Thanks!

A - Attached or single? Attached to my favorite person in the whole world.
B - Best friend? Becca and I have been best friends for how long now? 10 years? It all began with "Are you Becca?" "Yup, are you Anna?" "Yup."
C - Cake or pie? Cake, white being the favorite, but any kind will do:)
D - Day of choice? Saturday
E- Essential Item? Stocked diaper bag
F - Favorite color? Blue
G - Gummy bears or worms? Either one...they taste the same, right? Though I do like the worms.
H - Hobbies? Nursing...is that a hobby?
I - Indulgences? Chocolate anything...though it may not agree with Seth.
J - January or July? July, for sure.
K - Kids? Yes, 4 of them!
L - Life isn't complete without? The gospel and family
M - Marriage date? March 9
N - Number of brothers and sisters? 1 sister, 2 brothers
O - Oranges or apples? Oranges
P - Phobias or fears? Rodneys:)
Q - Quote? Joseph's son is a booger." -Levi
R - Reason to smile? American Idol
S - Season of choice? Christmas Season
T - Tag six: Everyone I know has been tagged
U - Unknown fact about me? George was the first (and last not including my kids) guy I ever kissed.
V - Vegetable? Broccoli, but not while I am nursing.
W - Worst habit? Not being consistent in disciplining my kids.
X - X-ray or ultrasound? What kind of question is this? I get what the Doctor tells me to.
Y - Your favorite food? This is always such a hard question for me...I love all food! But ice cream would probably top the list.
Z - Zodiac sign? Taurus, same as Becca!
1 - # of squirting noises Seth just made while on my lap.
2 – # of kids that are entertaining themselves right now.
3 – # that I count to if I am mad.
4 – # of kids I now have.
5 - age Levi will be soon, wow!
6 - # of months until I am sleeping through the night again, I hope!
7 - # of grandkids on my parents side.
8- # of months until Christmas!
9 - # of minutes it took me to clean that squirty-noise diaper(see #1)...what a mess!.
10- #of pounds I would like to lose in the next month.

My night last night went like this...

Here is a 12 hour segment of my life with 4 kids. I admire all of you who have husbands gone for weeks at a time. I don't think I would have any sanity left if I had to do this alone everyday. Crazy!

6:30pm George leaves for Scouts
6:45pm Start bathing kids out of necessity, we had pancakes and syrup for dinner...Levi first, Sam and then Natalie
7:00pm Baby Seth wakes up and screams while kids are still bathing.
7:08pm Finish bathing kids and realize Sam can't go to bed immediately because all of his bedding is in the laundry and he has no PJs. Run downstairs to get bedding and reassure Levi that Seth won't die from crying.
7:15pm Put Sam's bed together and get him down to sleep. Seth is still screaming...and so is Levi by this point (he is trying his hardest to pacify Seth)
7:20pm Get Natalie dry and dressed.
7:22pm Run downstairs, get Seth and Levi and bring them upstairs to get them to stop crying.
7:25pm Realize Natalie's hair needs to be dried and it is a 2 handed job. What do I do with Seth?
7:27pm Learn that Seth LOVES the sound of the hair dryer:)
7:35pm Kids are in bed (not asleep...it's way too bright in there!)
7:36pm Rinse dishes and load as many as possible before Seth starts screaming again.
7:40pm Send Natalie back up to bed and tell her if she had her eyes closed, it wouldn't be so bright in there!
7:45pm Feed Seth while reading Pride and Prejudice. Enjoy happy and calm baby for a while.
8:45pm George comes home to a quiet house, lucky boy!
9:00pm American Idol!! Finally, America got it right!!!!
9:45pm Feed Seth again and watch Daddy play with Seth. I love this!!!
11:00pm Ask George if I can leave the baby and go to bed, to which he says yes.
11:30pm Finally, get into bed with lights out.
11:48pm George brings baby up to eat...I am completely disoriented and try to convince George that I just fed him:)
12:24 am Back to bed...no husband yet...he was still working on his book on the computer.
2:45am Seth cries as I pry myself out of bed, freezing because all of our windows are open
3:22am Back to bed.
4:45am Rudely awakened by a Harley driving through our bedroom!!! Oh wait, that's just the neighbor across the street going to work. Who goes to work at this hour in the morning...and why, oh why, would you start your ridiculously loud Harley at 4:45am and not think it might wake up the entire neighborhood? Don't Harley's have a quiet setting??? Argh.
4:50am Lay awake being mad at the neighbor but trying to get over it because he's a really nice guy:)
6:45am Seth is up again. Nurse on one side and he falls asleep on me and we sleep in the recliner until 8am when we wake up to Sam screaming. And then, the day begins....

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pride and Prejudice...Mormon style!

This is my new favorite movie! Has anyone else seen this? The BYU edition of Pride and Prejudice? It is really cute and I have watched it 5 times since we borrowed it from someone a few weeks ago. And I hardly ever watch movies multiple times...only versions of Pride and Prejudice and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Anyway, the humor in this movie is very Mormon culture-type humor and I LOVE the Darcy character. I really like the soundtrack, too. It's a fun watch and has some classic lines like, "Pride is contagious and let's just say someone in our congregation has the fever." I think it's time for me to buy this flick!

Definition of a Good Friend

The definition of a good friend is someone who comes over to hang out and shows up with box of cleaning supplies and babysits your kids while cleaning all of your bathrooms! Thank you soooo much, Jennifer! You are wonderful!


Today, I have been meditating on the blessed nature of naps. Here are some important things that naps are good for:

1. They provide a new mom with some sanity.
2. They allow your other children to get fed and poopy diapers changed.
3. They allow you to have alone time with your husband.
4. They allow the new mom to eat.
5. They allow chores to get done around the house...or at least started:)
6. They provide a quiet time for mom to make phone calls...but I think this only applies if you have only 1 kid!

But most importantly, they allow moms time to BLOG!! :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Funny Quote of the Day

Levi: "Is this a circus?"
George: "No, this is Family Home Evening."

Friday, April 11, 2008

It's Friday....

Most people really look forward to Friday, but I was completely dreading this one. But, I know the Lord loves me. We had a peaceful morning. Seth slept through breakfast, so everyone else got fed without problems. When he did wake-up, Sam only tried to poke his eyes out once and didn't try to pull him off my lap, which has been a common theme this past week. Yea! We picked up Levi, where his teachers oohed and ahhed over Seth and you gotta love that as the new mom:) The trip was very peaceful...so much so that we even went and checked out a garage sale! Go me! Garage sale-ing with 4 kids! :)

I fed the kids a snack and Sam went down for a nap, Levi and Natalie went to help our neighbor clean up her yard, and Seth is still asleep from the car ride to get Levi (he loves the car, hallelujah!). I am very thankful for this time because I know that these times will not be as frequent as I would like. Maybe I should be cleaning the kitchen, doing laundry, or cleaning a bathroom. Nah, I would much rather enjoy the few peaceful minutes that I have doing what I want to do.

So, at the moment, life is good! Oh, I think I hear the kids coming back from the neighbor's house and is that Sam I hear? Maybe he didn't go down so well after all. Oh well, back to life, back to reality:)

PS Was anyone else disappointed that Michael Johns got voted off last night's American Idol? What was America thinking?? Haven't they heard Kristy Lee Cook sing?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lost in Baby Land!

You know, that state of mind in between sleeping and waking? Yep, I'm there:) But, it's ok, because little Seth is such a joy. Yes, it's hard. Yes, there's poop and crying and spitting up...and that's just the older kids:) But we are surviving. Friday will be my first day by myself and that's when I will start calling all of you for help and adult conversation! Thanks to you all for your wonderful comments and support that you have given us. We really have appreciated it!