Thursday, October 25, 2007

Decorating Tips

I promise that this is my last blog tonight. See what I mean...I really do blog in waves! But I need some advice. I have family coming on Thanksgiving to my new house and I have a dining room that we NEVER use that needs something! I really want to put something up on the walls and have no idea what! I am so bad at this! Does anyone have anything creative? It is 2 tone very neutral brown and off-white with a white chair rail around the room. Please? I ordered some pretty candle things for the table, but that's also an issue. I don't have a table cloth or any cloth napkins or dishes for that matter...but I think my mom is bringing her china.

Anyway..I digress. If you have any ideas at all or websites or stores that you like, let me know! I need help!

Quality Grandpa Time!

Levi gets his first call from a girl!

Levi and Natalie enjoyed talking to Katie a while ago. It was a cute moment as they chatted about toys and grandmas! We miss you Katie and Leo and Shanna!

My little Samwise is growing up!

Jack o' Lanterns

Halloween is upon us and since we bought 10 pumpkins at a roadside stand ($1 each!) I thought we should carve some of them. We had lots of fun and Great-Grandma Hazel and Grandma Linda were able to share in the festivities! Neither Levi or Natalie wanted to handle the "gunge" in the pumpkins so they mostly watched while George and I cleaned and carved. Levi wanted to scary (of that a boy thing?) and Natalie DID NOT want scary. In fact, she didn't even want to look at Levi's pumpkin.

It was great fun and I think they look great on our porch. Levi wanted to burn candles in them until Halloween, but seeing as my only candles are Partylite (you know...the expensive, wonderfully smelling ones?) I refused:) George, of course, spent an hour after the kids were in bed to carve his own. I simply LOVE that about him! He's just a big kid...and his pumpkin is really cool!

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bad Blogger..

I must say that I am about the worst blogger ever! I get on the internet after the kids go down, read everyone's witty blogs and then NEVER want to blog on mine. Or, I have like 20 things that I do want to blog about, but think it's dumb to have 20 blogs on the same day. Oh well. I am sure there are worse things in life:)

So, I have been tagged by! Here's my stuff!

A. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.
B. Each player lists 6 facts/habits about themselves.
C. At the end of the post, the player then tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

1. I want to find out the gender of this little bump inside of me at next week's ultrasound.
2. I developed this nasty habit of not cleaning bathrooms very often, especially now that we have 3.
3. I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner and celebrations for my side of the family at our new house! I am all grown up:)
4. I want to put pictures and decorations up on every empty wall in our house.
5. I eat frosted Shredded Wheat only for the frosting.
6. I love it when I can hear my kids in a different room playing together peacefully and happily.

Ok, I am not listing 6 people because I don't think 6 people read my blog, but if anyone wants to, leave me a comment and I will check out your blog!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Grey Tubs and Belly Laughs

A funny story for all of you library- goers out there!

It's the night before "due date" at the library and I have asked the kids to find all library books that have made their way out of the box. I give them each 1 title to look for and sent them up stairs to look. Well, I am looking at the print-out from the library and the first item listed is "Grey Tub." I am sure that I never saw this book. I never read it. I don't remember the kids looking at it. I just can't think of where it would be if not in the box. So, I go on a hunt...under every bed, couch, loveseat, TV stand. On bookshelves and under the seats in the car. In our room? In the kitchen cabinets? I am going CRAZY!

Later that night, I say to Geo, "It's the weirdest thing! This book called "Grey Tub" with no author listed is on our library print-out, and I just can't remember anything about it or find it anywhere!" He starts chuckling and then comes the belly laugh and finally I get it! The "grey tub" is the box the books are in! You have to check it out too:)

I felt a bit silly, but mostly just laughed at myself!! Everybody needs a good Belly Laugh!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Just a note to say that the weather actually feels like fall today. I don't even think that it hit 60! I can handle this...except, what do kids do in the winter time? I have really taken this summer for granted. Being able to just send them out has been a life (and a nap) saver! I hope we get to see some of these beautiful colors soon!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Finish These Sentences

Here's fun thing that everyone should try! I saw it first on Carrie's site and then Emily's. Have fun!

My roommate and I once: ate rabbit that our home teacher caught, killed and grilled for us in the dorm courtyard.

Never in my life have I: gone fishing (that I can remember).

High School was: depending on the year, not so bad. I really loved the year that I got to be a drum major for my marching band.

When I am nervous: I get really hot and red in the face.

My hair: has not been officially styled by me in, let's see....4.5 years!

When I was 5: I got a bad report card in Kindergarten because I talked to much to my best friend, Sarah Starr.

When I turn my head left:
I see my brilliant husband writing some computer program (yes, we have 2 computers and 3 monitors, often all going at once).

I should be: organizing my home...or at least picking up the unbelievable amount of stuff in this family room.

By this time next year: Kid #4 should be 6 months old and I should be sleeping through the night again, with any luck at all!

My favorite Aunt is: wow! I don't know! They are all SOO unique!

I have a hard time understanding: 4 year olds that just don't understand or obey, even after the 50th time you have told them!!!!!!

My ideal breakfast is: one that I do not have to cook and that does not involve Marshmallow Mateys (though they do have their place, they are not ideal for me!)

If you visit my home town: visit my parents and you will see the house I grew up in.

If you spend the night at my house: wear your shoes. We seem to have a few spiders that come out at night:)

I shouldn't have been: such a pushover when it came to business deals earlier in my the time I bought a set of black leather furniture that smelled like cat pee from a friend of a friend of a friend because I didn't feel like I could say no! We never even took it into our house!

Last night I: dreamt that I didn't have to teach primary because of the primary program practice. Is that true Emily? :)

I've been told I look like: Andie McDowell

Monday, October 8, 2007

Help....My House is A Mess!

We now have a ton of room and it's like I just don't want to put anything away! Well, I believe my real problem is that I am not sure where everything should go and I have a TON more house to clean! My plea that I am putting into cyberspace is for organization tips!! What works for you? My big problem areas seem to be toy clutter, kids books, paper piles, clean laundry sitting around, bathrooms not getting cleaned and a messy kitchen:) Wow, good thing not many people come to my house! And, how do you stay motivated or get into cleaning habits? How do you divide cleaning into doable amounts? I hope you all can help me...I need it!

PS I would post a picture of my house to go with this post, but I am WAY too embarrassed!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Potties, Potties, Everywhere!

It seems as though this week is the potty-training week for kids Natalie's age! We have been half-heartedly trying as Natalie trained herself to do #2 in the potty about 2 weeks ago. So Natalie picked out a bag of candy corn pumpkins for her treat if she went pee-pee in the potty. 2 days of 3 pees in the potty and then, yesterday afternoon, I realized she had been dry for 6 hours!! So exciting! So today, she wore her Little Mermaid underwear and kept it totally dry.

You know, the hardest part for me is the inconvenience of having 2 kids that aren't that great at "holding it". It seems you never hear that they have to go until they HAVE to go! Natalie probably could have been PT'd a while ago, but I would say, "Just go in your diaper!" instead of trying to take everyone and a huge cart full of groceries into the nasty public restroom, where you know she will put her hands all over everything and you will have to figure out how to hold the baby AND lift her to the sink to wash her hands with soap. Call me lazy if you will. I call it keeping some manner of sanity:)

Also, something that really gets me when kids are PT'd is the amount of toilet paper and water they use! Finally, just today, I tried to teach Natalie how to get only 4 sheets of TP instead of a little tiny thread that is 4 feet long. We'll see if that helps at all. We have already had 3 episodes of clogged toilets because of too much TP. Ah yes! What did Carrie call it? The "joys" of potty training!