Monday, June 29, 2009

Our home in summer....and winter.

I am so glad that we replaced all of our windows last year so that they now can open! My windows are open and I am enjoying the breeze of an overcast day...yea! It's been roasting and soo sunny out here. It's nice to have the 70s instead of the 90s. But, this is not's just being thankful:) Our winter was too, too long!

Speaking of winter, we are getting ready to buy a boiler for the hot water heat in our home. I know this is necessary. I know that we will be so happy with it. It will be nice knowing that our old clunker isn't going to give out on us at any time. I know that it's an investment. But, I am telling you, I would much rather go on a cruise, fly to Hawaii for a week, or the many other fun things you can do with lots of money.

Oh well. We will be warm all winter and saving money each month so I am sure that it is worth it! The joys of being a homeowner:) And I am VERY thankful to be one!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Here is Levi's car cake!

Yeah, I pretty much free-handed the whole thing...said in a Napoleon Dynamite voice...hahaha. Which is why the spoiler is falling off and I about shredded the whole thing with a knife half-way through. I think it turned out pretty cute! The neon green was thanks to Brittney. She thought it was "cool" and Levi agreed! Fun!

Levi's 6th Birthday!

This is the usual celebration of Levi's birthday. We met Becca and her group at the zoo...we missed Grandma and Grandpa Lyon who usually go with us on this excursion.

You can't tell, but that alligator had his mouth wide open!

The photo spot!

Aren't they cute... and oh, so hot!!!

I had to get a picture of them actually enthralled by an animal! Are your kids like this? They go to the zoo and love the drinking fountains and the trash cans. I was thrilled they liked the Black Tree Monitor :)

Here's Levi saying, "I am so hot!"

Another photo spot!

The bird's nest...I wonder what will happen when Levi gets to big to get into those eggs? He's getting pretty close as it is!

I can't believe that my oldest boy is 6. What a wonderful boy he is! He is helpful and kind. He is funny and so smart. He makes me laugh all the time! I am so glad that he is our oldest...he is such a great example. I love having Levi in our family! Happy Birthday, Levi and we love you!

More FHE reverence

PS. Sam is our music leader...we don't usually just let the kids stand and jump on the footstool all during FHE. :)

Our practice in reverence

I saw Emily do this and thought, "What a great idea! Teaching reverence at home! Brilliant!" So we thought we would practice as well. The kids all had their arms folded for about 2 seconds...not long enough for me to get the camera out. So here are the "after" pictures!