Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy 10 years to us!

 Don't we look happy?  Because that's what we are!  It's was 10 years ago on March 9th that we got married in Chicago in the Mormon Temple and we have been happy ever since.  So thankful that Geo asked me to marry him on that busy street in Lafayette early one Sunday morning.  To celebrate, we left the kids with Harry and Linda (a million thanks!) and went up to Pokagon State Park for 2 nights.  We loved it.  It was completely relaxing and we did just what we wanted...which was pretty much hang out:)  These pictures are not fabulous as they are all taken from way too close or too far away, or I have too many chins, a red face, etc, etc....but it's fun to document our time together so here you go!
 We brought Geo's guitar and he played a little.  It's definitely become George's way to relax.
 We spent a few hours putting a puzzle together that some other Inn guests had started and we actually finished it.  Fun!  And while we sat there, some deer came right up to the window and we had a great time watching them.  We also chatted with lots of people as they walked by.
 This is George writing on the box (and actually marking with an X where they were missing) that there were pieces missing.  We tried to start a new one, but it was the dumbest puzzle ever and we got frustrated and gave up.
 This was us in the Inn room.  It was pretty big and really nice.  We got a great deal as they run a 2 for 1 deal through the winter.  We spent a lot of time in our room watching the Star Wars Episodes 4-6.  We finished the last one 1 minute before we checked out:)  Sounds exciting, eh?  We loved just hanging out and watching movies and eating junk food!
 These 2 pictures are from the lobby of the Inn.  I liked the carved eagle and the fireplace was nice as it was a rainy and a bit chilly.
We really enjoyed our time away and felt pretty lucky to have Harry and Linda willing to watch the kids, especially because Sam ended up with the flu on the last day.  So sorry!  We enjoyed a few restaurants, went swimming and hot tubbing, ate junk food, slept in, went shopping at Goodwill (got shoes and a breadmaker :), and just had a nice time.  I highly recommend Pokagon...the 2 for 1 deal lasts until the end of April!