Monday, June 16, 2008

I have moved on:)

The obsession is over..kind of. As long as I don't think or talk about it. Or as long as Becca is moving and not reading the books and calling me to report all the little things that make Twilight so addictive:)

We are getting ready for Levi's birthday party this week and I decided it would be a good week to clean the house. I mean REALLY clean the house. Like empty entire closets and fill them with something else. Buy storage containers to organize the kids stuff. All of that. So far, the only thing that has been accomplished today was some garage organization and all the cobwebs got dusted out from the corners. Everyone with young kids should have brightly colored feather dusters. This makes children WANT to work. I eventually had to put them up because the kids were "cleaning too much" :) Hopefully we will get tons done this week and the house will be perfectly in order from now on. Oh, that was pretty funny:) But, we can try, can't we?

Let's see, what else has been going on? The one good thing about the Twilight Series (and Seth getting a bit older) is that my love for reading is rekindled. I read "Rachel and Leah" by Orson Scott Card and started "Austenland" by Shannon Hale. Both really good so far. The hardest part is getting to the least the grown-up part of the library. But you can put a hold on books online and when they are ready, the library will mail you something. You go in and they have your books set aside alphabetically by your name and you can even check them out yourself. You don't even have to talk to one person. I love how computers make our lives simpler...most of the time.

Well, maybe I will blog more after this week. It should be a busy one! And I want to post pictures of baby Seth. He's growing up SO fast. Life is good.

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Jennifer said...

I loved Austenland! I could read it again. I also really liked Princess Academy by shannon hale (same author) I almost picked up Oprah's mag. cause it had the 27 summer book list, but I just couldn't. All I would do is read.

Hey, we are still available to play "clean Anna's house" I took Olivia to the dr. today and she does not have strep, so she is fine to play with other kids and all that jazz.