Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The YMCA Child Watch

I must start by saying I LOVE the childwatch!!! It saves my sanity:) There are many very nice ladies who spend a whole lot of time with a whole lot of kids that are not theirs and there is something to be said for that!!!

Lately, they have become very strict about checking tags and my id and such and the Y front desk has become more strict as well. I have no problems with's a good thing!

That's why I thought it was funny today. They came to find me in the pool (I couldn't hear the announcement in there) and they asked for my name. I said it was me and they said Sam had an accident and wouldn't let them change him (very typical for Sam). The part that I thought was funny is that they didn't check my card orID or anything. Is it because no one in their right mind would voluntarily go to a child with a huge load in his pants unless that child belonged to them? For some reason, it made me laugh. They won't let me just grab the child that is screaming "Mommy" at the top of his lungs when he sees me (obviously mine), but they will freely let me go in and take the kid whose pants are full of poo, who could have cared less about whether I was there or not:)


Anna Marie said...

too funny. gotta love the childcare though. is it part of the membership?

Shanna said...

Nice. Makes ya feel REAL safe then!