Thursday, February 16, 2012

Christmas 2011

Posting this for my own info.  Sorry Everyone!

Sunday  (Christmas Day) was super nice with our regular morning and then we took a meal to a single lady, visited our friend that is in the hospital, and visited with our friend Laura.  Her mom passed away on Friday and she lives alone in assisted living.  We sang her some carols and played with her dog:)  It was nice.  We came home to overcooked chicken (oops:), yummo mashed potatoes, veggies and dip, fruit, and lemon-blueberry cake.  It was a tasty.  We then read Christmas books until bed time, left cookies for Santa, put the kids to bed, and then watched 17 Miracles.  Man, emotionally draining for me!  It was extremely moving to watch these stories.

Our Christmas on Monday was quiet and uneventful.  The kids got us up about 8am and we opened presents and then stockings.  Fun!  Then we stayed in Jammies all day and ate candy and soup:)  The kids helped clean up the house (woa, it was bad!) and then they went to bed while George and I worked on school stuff.  I am planning a unit on Ancient China and he is writing a program for his blackberry where he can type in a word in Russian, Spanish or Arabic and hear the correct pronunciation (he got 3 books for Christmas...First Words in each of those languages.  He plans to read them to the kids.  He is currently doing Chinese with Sam and Seth because he already has that one!)

A nice relaxing Christmas.  Is that even possible with 4 young kids?  I guess so:)

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