Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Random Pictures:)

 Pumpkins at Halloween, kids a little dressed up.

 Natalie holding Brigham

 Seth says "Happy Halloween"

 Natalie says "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth"

 Seth with Daddy

SIL- Megan with Kenzie, SISTER- Liz with Caleb
 Lyon cousins...just missing Noa!

 Game night with the uncles

 Grandpa Lyon

 Grandma Lyon (someone once nicknamed her "Mrs. Happy Face" and this is why:)

 My brother, Matt, with some serious hair growth!

 Levi, age 9.5

 Jones cousins!!

 Daddy with Natalie on her baptism day

 Seth with Santa...this is serious stuff..."I want the new version of the Batcave!"

 Sam was our doubter this year, but he was convinced after Santa came in on a helicopter:)

 Natalie chatted with Santa for a good, long while.

 The elves helped me keep my kiddos under control...I think that's why Seth ended up with so many extra toys and treats:)

Levi-he's just getting so big!!!

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