Thursday, June 14, 2007

Celebrity Look-Alikes!

This one comes from Stephanie's blog. Geo (my hubby) thought it was hilarious and put just about every picture on our desktop into the face recognition thing. So here is our family. Yeah, my favorite is that Natalie is a 19th century Italian economist. The site was Try it!


Linc, Carrie & Company said...

That's hilarious. Of course you are a babe. Levi as Letterman, who knew?

Emily said...

I tried this too, but my results were not publishable. It's way fun though (except for my wounded pride). Too cute!

Stephanie said...

Way fun! I would expect Levi to be Letterman because he's always making us laugh in Primary!
You'll have to ask Chelsea, I mean Emily about her results. :)