Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Kid Pics

Well, here are some pics of my kids! Sam is the super smiley guy-6 months old now! Levi will be 4 next week and Natalie (pictured with my mom) is 2.5 and doesn't let us forget it! Our house is a busy one, but I wouldn't have it any different. I can remember when I had Sam, the nurse told me, "You either stop at 2 kids or move right on to 4. 3 is just tough!" It has been, but so worth it! Enjoy the pictures!


Linc, Carrie & Company said...

Holy Cow! Natalie's huge! I love her blond hair. And Sam is just adorable, what a great smile. Can't wait to join you in the world of 3, it pretty much terrifies me. Cutie kids! I'll have to show Matthew the pic of Levi, he still talks about him.

Emily said...

Way cute pictures! Sam is the one that looks so grown up to me. Yep, I'll be there in the 3 kid club too!

Becca said...

Hi Anna!! Cute blog!!! Wow, you have tons of kids since I have seen you! I do too. :-) 3 must be the magic number, my 3rd is one already... crazy crazy times. And 3 is totally just right in my opinion.