Friday, December 28, 2007

Some snow and other winter thoughts!

George is home all week and I was so glad that it snowed today. After braving Target (not bad at all:), we came home to quite a bit of really wet snow. Sam went right down for a nap, so the kids and George and I all went out to build Frosty! We made a really big snowman with oranges for eyes and a banana for a nose. It was so much fun! When I thought " I should go out and take a picture of him",the snow had turned to rain so he was very misshapen and the wind had blown him over. The snow is practically gone now and our poor snowman looks like he came from a page of a Calvin and Hobbes comic book. You know, the one where there is a snowman that is knocked over by a sled whose head fell off as other snowmen are looking on in horror? Too funny!

I don't ever get to go outside with the kids because I am not sure what to do with Sam, so I was excited to be outside today. I dressed the kids up so warm, but I came in quick because nothing warm fits me...I am too pregnant! Ah, well, next winter I WILL NOT be pregnant, right? Right!

It's been so fun to have Geo home. He always has so much vacation time at the end of the year that he can usually take a whole week off during Christmastime. It's always hard for me when he has to go back to work. We have lots of fun and the kids love it when he is home. I believe that this will be a long winter as there is not much to look forward to in January or February and this baby isn't due until the end of March. I think that I need to find a long project or lots of small ones. Any ideas?

This is quite the wandering post, sorry. Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas!


Jennifer said...

It's really nice when hubbys are home, isn't it? My crazy grandma bought a christmas tree kit to make for me then decided it was too complicated and gave me the kit for me to do instead, you're welcome to help me figure the darn thing out if you need a project! :)

Debbie, Lee, Rachele and Kenny said...

Well you could always learn to sew, cross stich, knit, crochet. Or if you know how to do those things find a project in one of those area's or even try them all. I love to make stuff and I love to read.... but that doesn't seem to take up much time really. I found these looms to knit things on and it is really simple... you could make hats for the kids.

Joanna said...

I always get into "organizing" projects, like rearranging closet contents or making new piles for things. I'm a weirdo. I have no idea if that sounds interesting to you or if you even need to do something like that...Probably not!