Monday, January 28, 2008

President Hinckley Passes Away

George just called me from work to tell me that President Hinckely died last night. I was really surprised, I guess, thought I shouldn't be too surprised. He was 97! What an amazing life this man led. He will be greatly missed and always treasured in our hearts. What a genuine, spiritual man. I am sure that he is full of joy now, with his wife and other family gone before him. I have been reading (slowly) his biography...what a great experience it has been to learn more about this great man. There is also a great article on the church website today.

One of the most amazing things to me is that the church goes on functioning and the gospel doesn't change. What a blessing this is in our lives. Our prayers are with all those that are deeply affected by President Hinckley's passing.


Debbie, Lee, Rachele and Kenny said...

So very true Anna. I called Lee from school to tell him. I will miss him.

Caroline said...

So true. I listened to his biography when we first moved to FW. It is amazing, so neat to see how the Lord prepared him from the start for his role as prophet.