Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Worst Dates Ever!

I saw this on Carrie's blog and thought it would be funny. George and I both wanted to contribute, so I am going to have Geo go better not involve me!!!!!!

George: So back at Purdue, there was this girl in my Chinese class. I was fresh off my mission to Taiwan, and not to brag or anything, but I could speak some pretty good Chinese for a white guy. Actually I could speak better than this girl in my class who was born in America, to Taiwanese parents. So I had that going for me. Anyhow, one time she invited me to go see "Crouching Toddler, Stinking Diaper" or whatever that movie was called. That didn't pan out, but we did start going to see some movies and just generally hanging out. I thought things were going pretty well. Anyway, here comes the worst date part. We had rented a movie and went back to my apartment to watch it. The lights were down low, the mood was set, we were sitting together on my sofa. Timid as I was, having echewed all romantic for 2 whole years, I thought this might just be the moment. Yes, the time had come - I was going to try to hold her hand. So, with all the grace I could muster, I put my hand on hers and gave a gentle squeeze. Her reaction was to lift her hand up to about eye level, with mine still akwardly attached, and say "What is That?" I didn't have much of a response. It turns out we weren't dating after all, I guess.

Anna: I was asked to Prom by this greasy-haired fellow who rode my bus. I said yes because I really wanted to go to Prom (my Junior year) and wasn't really very popular so I didn't think I would get asked again. He was nasty, his friends were nasty and that's who we met for dinner. By the time we got to Prom, I was really sorry that I had said yes and I ditched him for my friends and met up with him about 4 hours later so I could get a ride home. He walked me to the porch and I KNEW he was going to try to kiss me. I believe we both said goodnight, he leaned in for the kiss and I actually ducked under his arm and ran inside, never looking back. I don't believe we ever made eye contact again...and I am sure he thought we were dating.

So, to sum it all up, George and I really were meant for each other!:)


Caroline said...

What's with this one date commits you to a relationship? Both of those stories are totally funny. Love it!

Emily said...

Those are funny! I like having George guest blog on your blog!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed laughing, but only b/c I think that we've all been there at some point in our dating lives.

Debbie, Lee, Rachele and Kenny said...

So funny. I like george's movie title. I'm glad you could excape your prom date.

Becca said...

George, I never knew you had such a talent for writing. I would read a novel by George S. Jones. I am just glad that I am now married and can enjoy married dating which is way better than finding a companion dating.

Sariah said...

Those are the funniest stories!! hee hee.

BTW, how did I not realize you had a blog? Did I know?? Did I forget?? (Cursed Mommy brain) I'm adding you to my list now.