Saturday, February 2, 2008

Random Pics and Indoor Activites

Here's some random pictures from trying to find things to do inside. Cannot WAIT for spring to be here...for a few different reasons:) First, we played "Let's See How Static-y Natalie's Hair Can Get" A fun game that works best in the winter time.

Second was kind of like Barrel-O-Monkeys but with hangers. Just happened to stumble upon this while doing laundry. It was a long activity...I will be doing it again soon!

Third , we had hat day when Emily was over...Sam, of course, wouldn't keep his on long enough for a picture.

I love blogging! It reminds me of all the good times with my kids...and this carries me through when it's rough!


Shanna said...

Yeah love the hair. Katies is the same way. Abd what a great idea with hangers. I will try it sometime.

Jennifer said...

Hehehe. We love the hanger game too, although ours goes the other way around. mom sorts them and the kids see how tangled they can get them. Cute pics. I love it when your kids sit in front of us. I love natalie's cute face peeking over the pew and smiling at me and then waving!

Debbie, Lee, Rachele and Kenny said...

So cute...I love the hanger game. Rachele's hair does the samething too.

Sariah said...

Fun!! Yeah, remember to look back at the cute pictures on those rough days. It's what I do and it always brings a smile to my face, if only for a minute.

Emily said...

What creative kids! I hear you about spring time (all though I don't have the reasons like you do!) I look back at my old posts too and think my life really is blessed too!