Monday, September 8, 2008

30 Reasons I love Geo

George with Seth almost 6 months ago!

The 7th was my husband's birthday! He is now old like know, the big 3-0. We have spent the last 6 of those 30 years together and off and on before that:) He has been the biggest blessing in my life and I admire him so much!
In honor of his 30th birthday, here are 30 reasons why:
1. He is my best friend.
2. He makes me laugh.
3. He reads the comics with me every Sunday night.
4. He comes home from work and picks up whoever is crying (and sometimes it's me:).
5. He devotes Saturdays (when I don't give him extra chores) to the kids.
6. He loves my easy Manicotti.
7. He doesn't mind that some weeks we have frozen pizza multiple times a week.
8. He reads children's books to the kids with lots of different voices.
9. He fulfills his Scout calling.
10. He likes to be with my family.
11. He doesn't mind that I haven't lost that last 20 pounds:)
12. He sets goals for personal improvement.
13. He splits meals with me at restaurants.
14. He cuddles with me while watching movies.
15. He eats ice cream with me.
16. He loves his parents.
17. He admires his siblings.
18. He understands my need to talk.
19. He reads his scriptures.
20. He helps me with all my computer issues.
21. He doesn't get too mad when I complain about all of my computer issues:)
22. He works hard every day.
23. He does the things that I ask him to.
24. He reserves time for me so we can have "porch time" at night.
25. He doesn't mind when I talk until 2 am.
26. He worries about providing for our children so I don't have to.
27. He lets me buy what I need...and sometimes want.
28. He is a great example for our boys.
29. He has the greatest singing voice.
30. He tells me he loves me every day!

Happy Birthday, Baby!


Emily said...

That is so sweet! Happy Birthday George!

Debbie, Lee, Rachele and Kenny said...

Wow!! I almost cried.

HO IV and crew said...

We like George, too!! Happy 30th, bro!!

Pat said...

Sorry I'm always late to make acknowledgements...but we're proud of you George. Welcome to the fourth decade of life! It's the best.