Friday, September 5, 2008

Discussions at the lunch table...

I am afraid that this will become a homeschool blog, and I apologize if that offends anyone. It's just that my life is now tied up in this, I love it, and am amazed at what my children learn. Just know that I am NOT trying to convince anyone to do this and I am NOT condemning anyone for putting their kids in school. That was completely my plan up until 2 months ago:) I simply want to share the blessings that are coming from this with my friends...thanks for listening...uh, reading:)

Today we sat down for lunch and had a discussion about war. It started when I was talking to Levi about what a President does and how is he elected (we were looking at the picture of McCain in the newspaper). My kids don't understand that much about war, so we were talking about killing the bad guys and protecting children. Levi immediately said he wanted to go to war NOW because he would learn how to shoot a gun. He's such a boy:)

But I was amazed at the things that he understood and it led to a great discussion about his Great-Grandma Hazel who served in the army who just passed away. This is why I love look for opportunities to teach, because if they don't get it from you, they aren't going to get it at all. So I am less likely to just ignore complicated questions or discussions (as I may have done before) and I just jump right in and we learn together. I am finding JOY in teaching my children and I am learning all kinds of things myself. How cool is that:)


Hugh Johnson said...

Katie and I have had some discussions about my job. She knows that I am in the Army and that the Army fights the bad guys. She understands that the other soldiers that she sees around post in their green uniforms are on the "same team" as me. She even understands that the Marines that she sees around in their brown uniforms are on another friendly team.

As we drove by some howitzers (cannons) one day, Katie was inquisitive. I told her that those are the big guns that Daddy shoots.

"You kill the bad guys with those big guns?"

"I'm just learning to shoot the big guns right now. But one day Daddy will go fight the bad guys."

Jennifer said...

Why would anyone be offended by you sharing the wonderful experiences you are having with your children? I love reading about them. I'm glad that you are finding so much joy in teaching your children at home. I know I've said it before, but I think you have some of the greatest kids around! And speaking of your kids, Abram would really like to have a play-date with Levi sometime soon.

Jennifer said...

How about the zoo?