Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My babies are growing up!

I am on the 2nd computer, so I have no picture posting capabilities so just imagine my babies.

Sam is talking like crazy...and I wish I knew what he was saying:) His words are becoming clearer, but sometimes, I just have no idea. But I love to hear him say grown up words. And Natalie can get him to say anything... and do anything. Today, I asked him if he wanted me to ask Levi to come build trains with him. He said, "No...Honey (his word for Natalie)" They are a good match and get along well, usually.

Seth is one now. I haven't even posted birthday pictures. Sad. Anyway, he is trying to walk and climb everywhere. His favorite spot is standing on the kid rocking chair leaning over to play the piano. About gives me a heart attack! He also likes climbing on the outside of the stairs holding on to the railing. I can't believe he can even do this! At this rate, he'll be out of his crib way before Sam!

My babies are growing up and I think I am ok with this!! Yea!!


Shanna said...

Wait... is Sam still in a crib?? I would have a heart attack if I saw my kids on the stairs like that. Scary. Good luck with all that.

Anna Marie said...

Bittersweet isn't it? Makes your heart full.

Dewey and Susan said...


You would not be surprised at this if you knew his grandfather at that age.

HO would have been climbing up like that so that he could drop things down on me.

Uncle Dew