Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Where is my brain??

I am sorry to all of you that faithfully check my blog day after day and it is old. Ok, so probably no one checks my blog very often and if you do, you might need a new hobby :) I often think of things that would make good blog entries, but they hardly ever make it to the computer. I have had other things that have been higher priority like trying to finish the schoolyear and avoid burnout, get the school stuff organized, get garage sale stuff organized, and plan our Utah trip. There have been so many other things on my mind too.

I would like to get a schedule going that I can stick to. It doesn't have to involve any crazy changes in my current lifestyle (because you know I wouldn't stick to it anyway), I just need a little direction. My brain is just too disorganized. I feel that if I (and the kids) operated by a schedule, I at least wouldn't forget things or think I just did chores like cleaning the bathroom when in reality it has been 2 weeks or more!

Does anyone have any ideas? Flylady is too much for me...plus, I just don't care if my sink is shiny :) I do like some of her ideas though. Spending 15 minutes in "hot spots" and things like that. I also want to give my kids a chore list but, for some reason, that makes me nervous! What chores do you expect your 5 and 4 year olds to do? Also, my 5 year old wants to make money...mostly to buy from the ice cream truck, though I tried to convince him he could buy an entire BOX of popscicles for the price of 1! What can I have him do to earn money? I don't want to attach money to ordinary chores because these are things we do just because we are part of a family. Any suggestions?

So, this is a big part of where my brain has been lately. I want to get myself in gear over the summer with organizing and school planning so I am just a little bit ahead instead of always trying to catch up...which is how I feel now. *Sigh* Life is good, it just needs a bit more organizing! Hopefully, I will get that label maker I want for Mother's Day!

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Shanna said...

Ok the only ideas for this post have to do with chores. We just gave Katie the chore to take out the trash in the kids bathroom. That is once a week so not too bad. And with the season for you, I am sure the pretty yellow flowers are popping up like crazy so you could pay a penny for every YELLOW flower picked. That's all I got for you. Good luck. Oh and be sure to include things like making the bed and putting clean clothes away and dirty clothes in the appropriate place.