Friday, July 24, 2009

Emily Fruth

This is Becca guest blogging on Anna's blog because I am at her house logged on to her. I just read J.B.s greatest entry ever. So when I got here today to help Anna pack for WI, I was putting Meghan down for a nap while Emily carried on a conversation with Anna that went something like this:
A: "Oh you've been in the car all day today?"
E: "Yeah, mommy's sick and tired of driving."

Later on she had on one of my stretchy plastic bracelets (the kind the youth get at Youth Conference). Emily points to it and says "Mommy is 2-2-R" This means CTR for those of you who don't speak Emilese.

She constantly cracks me up with the things she comes up with.

P.S. Here is a Nataliism. She always makes these noises while playing. Kind of a cross between a hum and weirdo noise. Today she and the Beadner kids are playing out back and through this open window you hear what we thought was a ghost until reality set in and it was Nat. Well, it was funny if you were there.

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