Monday, November 2, 2009

Quick Post

It was a good weigh in today....5 pounds down from last Monday. Kind of quick, but as long as I can keep it of, it works for me. I am glad it kind of kick-started...much more motivating that way! I "budgeted" candy intake this weekend and did very well, I think. I finally feel in control of eating/food instead of it controlling me! It's a VERY good thing!

Today for school, we worked with Halloween candy. We sorted it, counted it, grouped it, graphed it, wrote about it, and of course we had a taste test! We also read a book called Flat Stanley. We are going to send our our own Flat Stanley so if you might be willing to help us out, let me know. You just have to send us a picture with you and Stanley (a paper doll we will send to you) in your area or a postcard of your area. Then write a little something that is unique to your area and mail it back to us. We will follow Stanley's travels on our map. Fun!

I need to post pics of Halloween. What a fun weekend! It was really nice to have George as I believe I have taken 3 kids out by myself the last two years because of sickness. We got to go trick or treating with our very fun neighbors as well, so the kids had a blast! Good times!


Debbie, Lee, Rachele and Kenny said...

Flat Stanley sounds cool. Our ER did a Flat Stanley thing they have pictures of it. send me a message on Facebook if you want my help.

Amyrun said...

Count us in for Flat Stanley. We did one for my cousins when they were younger, and it was a lot of fun!

Shanon (and Ben)

Amyrun said...
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Shanna said...

Umm. Sure send him my way.

momk said...

We want Stanley to come for a visit. There are lots of great locations here in SLC
E/S Lyon

HO IV and crew said...

Hey, we want Flat Stanley in Chicago, too ! :)