Monday, December 28, 2009

Our Family in 2009

  • going on his 8th year at MIE and still loves it
  • worked with 11 year old Scouts at church
  • spends many hours on hobby projects...many can be seen right here on this blog!

  • spends many hours homeschooling kids and wondering how her house gets so dirty and will it EVER be clean again
  • joined Weight Watchers to lose that last 15 baby pounds (or maybe 30:)
  • directs the choir at Church

  • turned 6 and is in 1st grade
  • loves taking piano lessons from Grandma and building things like Legoes and robots
  • loves his homeschool gym and swim class and learning computer programming with Daddy

  • just turned 5, is in Kindergarten and is a great reader
  • loves playing with her brothers (most of the time) and takes care of the younger boys
  • loves to play the piano and to play with her neighbor friends

  • just turned 3 and wants to do what the older kids are doing or he wants to do it "by himself"
  • loves to have his 'puter time where he plays games on the computer
  • is NOT interested in growing up...he often mentions his old crib and pacifier and says, "I not big, I little!"

  • turned 1 in March and started to climb on everything!
  • finally old enough to go in to the Nursery at church and loves the Child Watch at the YMCA
  • calls Sam "Mamo", Nat "Wa-wee", and Levi "By-by" and is a cutie:)
It has been a good year around here. Feel free to read the blog for all of our activities:) I am so thankful for this time to look back and appreciate what we have and resolve to do better next year. I am thankful for our Savior and the ultimate Sacrifice that he gave. What a blessing to us all! To all of you, my dear friends and family, a late Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!


Emily said...

Love this! You guys are so great. Love that pic of you Anna, you babe!

Anna Marie said...

Great summary and pics.

Krista said...

Anna, you have a beautiful family! Hope you had a really nice Christmas.

Shanna said...

I can't remember if I posted a comment.. so sorry if I already did. I can not believe how much your kids have grown!! Such cuties too!