Sunday, December 20, 2009


We got about 2 inches or more today and everyone went outside to play while I stayed in and made cupcakes for Sam's birthday. I do believe that it took me, from beginning to end, 45 minutes to get everyone out the door into the snow. Luckily, George is pretty good at getting ready himself so that helped. :) I was just glad that it wasn't too cold and the kids could stay out for a while before getting too cold and coming in.

George initiated some snowman building. I was watching out the window and it was a cutie little snowman. Then, after a bit, I looked out again and the kids (and George) were all taking turns clobbering the snowman with a whiffle ball bat! It was really loud and the snow was flying and everyone was loving it! I had to laugh, though I am not sure that it was the typical snowy day activity:) That's my group...not very typical!


Shanna said...

That sounds like so much fun!!!

Anna Marie said...

Fun! Stuff like that makes me really miss the snow.