Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Back pain and perhaps a midlife crisis?

It's been an interesting week. I hurt my back last Thursday and have been thrown off this week. Also, I have something big happening this week and have been prepping for it, so the back pain has not helped.

When I hit 30, my body began to break down. Or maybe it started with the 4 pregnancies in 5 years? Yeah, that must have done it! I also started to notice gray hairs, wrinkles, saggy parts, etc. I grew up not really caring much about my appearance. I was perfectly happy with my own "style" and really haven't cared much. But now, something has changed. I am not sure why. Maybe the weight loss has triggered it? 6 months of intense "image" change?

Anyway, yesterday, I went shopping for a few new things for the "something big" (shhh, it's a surprise!) and bought things that I thought weren't me...definitely not my age and I LOVED them. I think I am in the midst of a midlife crisis. I also bought TWO new pairs of shoes, which is surprising for me. And I spent A LOT of money on my hair...that I don't love:( And I got a massage (that was due to the back pain, not the midlife crisis:) Oh, AND I had the Amish cleaning fairies come to my house in the morning:) Yeah, my life is good! Except for the hair...

When I made the hair appt, I said, "I would like to also get highlights with my hair cut" but I guess I never told the stylist that I wanted highlights, I used the word "color". So, I walked out with a head of really dark brown hair (black to anybody that saw me). I guess I wasn't paying enough attention...like none:) It was too dark...especially going into spring and summer. Since I wasn't happy, they did highlights for free, and I am liking it much better now. Putting color on hair is so expensive and superfluous, and it makes me happy. What is up with me??

This post is very "wander-y". Sorry. I will have my brain back sometime next week, or not:)


Krista said...

Anna, I know what your talking about! In high school and college I never cared too much about my appearance after I walked out my front door. Then, a major change happened in my life and I started plucking my eyebrows, wearing make-up during the week (well, only mask-era and eye-liner, I still save real make-up for Sundays), getting highlights...anyway, if you're having a mid-life crisis, I've been having one for about 5 and a half years. Keep it up - it's pretty fun to do stuff for yourself every once in a while (that's what I keep telling myself). ;-)

Emily said...

haha. me too! I never cared. I care now. I think a lot of it is directly proportional to how much money I have... I can't wait to see your highlights, but I guess I'll have to wait a while!