Friday, April 30, 2010

Polaris Press and Garage Sales

Wow, I haven't done a school post in a long time! We have been doing a lot of (LOVE IT!) and reading. Today, we also did a science-y project. Levi scored this Hot Wheels car maker at a garage sale for $2 and we used it for science. It demonstrated how, when we apply heat to a solid, it changes states. And we melted plastic into Hot Wheels cars. Cool. We also combined baking soda and vinegar to blow up a balloon and cooked eggs for our snack. It was fun for the kids and I was glad that our morning spent garage sale-ing turned educational!

Speaking of garage sales, I do believe that I am addicted. If I see a sign, I have to turn in! What I really want to do is get a babysitter for my kids so I can go for a few hours alone. Paying a babysitter would kind of cancel out the savings by going to garage sales...but I would be happy:) Plus, I probably would save money. It's amazing what I will buy to keep the kids happy so we can hit one more sale. But it's only $.25! I also keep thinking to myself, "Our house is on the market, I can't be bringing stuff home" but yet, it comes. I can't help it!!! I need to do another toy weed out as the kids spend their money at garage sales. So, any moms want to swap babysitting on Friday mornings with me? :)


Debbie, Lee, Rachele and Kenny said...

That's too funny. I can totally agree with more junk stuff. With our current house being so small it is hard to keep everything in order. On the grand scale it isn't small but we have too much stuff. I think if we had a basement it wouldn't be as bad. Hints why I have to have a craft corner in the garage and not in the house. Oh well good luck with the babysitting and garage sales.

Emily said...

I totally wish I could have gone around here. Things were crazy! Well, toys do seem to sell well, so you should have your own! I'd love to find a babysitter, or swap. As long as you take my list of things I need with you!

meagan said...

I am a garage sale addict too!!! and I'm not ashamed. Auctions and thrift stores rock as well. I'd love for you to be my teacher, sounds like fun!