Friday, June 4, 2010


It's been a long year...well, at least May was long. I think it wasn't so bad until then. It's amazing how homeschool days are so different. It all depends on the kids moods and what they are excited about. We had some good and some bad things go on this year, but all in all, the kids learned a lot. I think we just really got burned out at the end. Does this happen to public school kids too? When the weather starts to get nice, it's just hard to sit through school work.

Hopefully, that will ALL change next year! We are going to do actual Unit Studies-meaning I include all subjects (except math and phonics) in our topical study. I picked up this wonderful book for $4 at a garage sale entitled "Everything You Need to Know About Homeschool Unit Studies". I have read it once and am ready to read it again. I started last night planning a Veterinary Unit and it was so simple! I am excited! I just need to get to the library and write my final plan. I hope this method will help us to get lots more done with less complaining. It should just streamline the whole process and have lots more reading time. The kids will be begging to "do school" :)

I am also going to get rid of morning TV, which may perhaps, cause mutiny. More field trips. More projects...because I will be better prepared. For each subject, we will keep a notebook so the kids will have something to show all the people that say "What did you learn in school today? while my kids look at them blankly. :)

I think it will go well. Luckily, homeschool is pretty forgiving. If something doesn't work, you throw it out and try something else. Good times!


Debbie, Lee, Rachele and Kenny said...

Awesome!!! I would love to be able to stay home and teach the kids. One I can't and two I don't think I have the sanity to do it. I will be doing a "summer camp" like Emliy and Tyler.

Jenn said...

My kids get antsy at the end of the school year too. Do you home school them for a typical school year?