Tuesday, May 25, 2010

7 Days Left

We have only 7 days left of school. Yay! I am ready for summer! I have some things that I would really like to do this summer. Here's my list:

  • Find 10 (free or cheap) places to explore in our city with the kids
  • Camp
  • Read whatever I want
  • Prep an entire school year's worth of unit studies
  • Go to the zoo and Y often, and some museums around here
  • Do a 5K both at the beginning and end of the summer
  • Do a little gardening with the kids (hopefully with Gma's help)
  • Continue my Curly Girl routine and try new products
  • Vacation with the family
  • See "Eclipse" at midnight on June 29th
  • Take the kids to kid's fests and free movies and splash parks with friends
  • Grill
  • Move! (if only our house would sell)
What a funny list. Quite random, really! The summer is just not really that long, is it? When I was a kid, the summer was endless, it seemed. But now? We have a little over 2 months before needing to start school again. 2 months! Not long enough, if you ask me. But we certainly will enjoy it!

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maryirene said...

we'd love to join you some days. be sure to give us a call!