Monday, July 12, 2010

Off the market and under construction!

At this moment, George has cut a huge hole in a wall in our home. I loved it when we called our friend Carol (the home improvement guru) for some advice and she said in a cutsy little kid voice, "You two are becoming such handymen!" She's allowed to say that because she and I go way back and she has helped us do MANY home improvement projects. So we borrowed her "saws-all" and now there is a hole. Hopefully, it will become an enlarged storage closet for buckets of wheat and other food storage.

Also this weekend, we moved all of our stuff back in from JB's garage (she was letting us use it as a storage unit). We now have our comfy seating back in our family room! Yay! We have also rearranged the room. Now, it's more like 2 rooms. Very functional. One side is 2 couches "L" shaped facing the TV and the other side is a school room! Funny how the "school room" has changed every year:) I am sure that someday, I will find a set up I like! So now, our family room isn't pretty, but oh, SO functional! I am thrilled! Becca helped me organize it today. I still have some things that need homes, but we will get there!

Here's a question for you: Where is your food storage? Currently, ours is in the garage and I like having it out of the house, it too hot? And is it only too hot for the long term stuff? What if I will use it within a year or two? Then is it ok to be out there? That would be super handy if I didn't have to move it all again and got to keep a whole room of my house.

Alright, should be doing laundry, prepping school units, or moving all the junk that came out of the closet that now has a huge hole in it, somewhere else. Fun times!!


Jennifer said...

Cool! I can't wait to see the progress. Sorry I wasn't there to help move your stuff--hope you could find it all.

Jennifer said...

Ooh ooh oooh. I just thought of something! I will have no kids for 2.5 hours starting September-- let's get back to planning, shopping and painting those kids rooms!!!