Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

To everyone! I am sick and very tired and have a million things to do, but this is such a great day! And, it's beautiful out! Loving the sunshine and the warmer temps. Spring will come, I just know it!

Here are my random thoughts for the day:
  • I wish I could get back into school. I was there for a while and then out again. I just need to be better prepared. We did some Valentine's stuff today and watched a History Channel special called "America: The Story of US". Very interesting, but the 2 parts we watched were called "Rebels" and "Revolution" and it may have been a tad violent for my young people. Riveting, yes. But very dramatic!
  • Wishing I would have gotten sick on any week but this one. Blue and Gold at the end of this week and still much to be done. How do people do this? How do people homeschool, fulfill church assignments (big ones), do family life, and be sick? It's too much for me right now. So, I think I will scrap it all and just blog:)
  • I also need to prep for Thursday's Enrichment night. I volunteered back in September. Too bad, I didn't remember that and planned the Blue and Gold banquet for the same week. Not smart on my part.
  • Kids are sick too. Whatever we got is fast and furious. Seth and Sam were both fine this morning, but this afternoon a little like zombies. Plus, I didn't know we were getting sick, so the family that watched my kids while George and I went to Columbus also got infected. SOOOO sorry about that.
  • George surprised me with a dozen roses on Friday and a yummo box of chocolates. The kids were trying to keep me out of the garage and the kitchen and I thought they were doing something wrong and trying to cover it up. I kept asking all these questions. Finally, they got exasperated at me and said, "Nothing is wrong, mom. Everything is OK!!!" So, I left and came back to a vase of roses on the table next to the chocolates. Mmmm...
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!

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Angela and Ethan said...

Wow, you've got a lot going always. I always love reading your updates, and seeing what your sweet family is up to. :)