Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Potty Training Failure

OK, this was time #2 and it didn't take. Granted, I had to prep for a camping vacation on Wednesday, so I put him back in a diaper, but this was after he played outside in poopy underwear for 30 minutes at Grandma's. I mean really. How can I potty train a kid who has no problem sitting in his feces for that long??? So, I think I will wait until he leads. It's just not worth the fight! Plus, with my oldest two, I waited so long that they just potty trained themselves. Maybe I am just lazy? Probably:)

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Sailor Mom said...

But this was less than two weeks... I'm sure he'll be ready in the upcoming weeks and months. The on again off again can be frustrating. BTW, what did you do with your older two that was so different? I know a lady who claims the same, basically she never pushed it and they started in their own time - did it for all six of her children. I guess being more laid back about it works for some. Good luck. At least its summer and he can go bottomless.