Monday, December 19, 2011

R2D2 Cake

Sam's birthday is today and I stayed up late and made this R2D2 cake (with the help of some very talented friends, Carisa and Brittney).  It took us from about 9pm-2am...I gotta learn to start earlier! 
Here are the pics:

  The cake is made from 4-8in cakes stacked on the bottom, a dome shaped one on the top and rice krispie treat legs.  I used the middle of a sugar ice cream cone for the little projector thing, iced and rolled in sparkly sugar, a cinnamon candy for the red eye thing, and lots and lots of icing.  I hope it's yummy, but at least it's cute:)


Krista said...

I am way impressed at the R2D2 cake! Great work!!


Sailor Mom said...

Looks great!