Thursday, January 26, 2012


Hair has been the focus of my existence for about 2 years now...well, not really the focus, but it comes up a lot!  So, the new hair news is...I got it professionally.  Yeah, I know.  I am a curly girl!  And really, I still am, I just have straight hair for now.

It's not a permanent thing.  4 months the hairdresser said.  It's called a Keratin Complex treatment and it's so nice!  I wake up and my hair is normal.  I shower, wash my hair, dry it off with a towel and go about my day.  My hair dries quickly and looks fine.  I have hair like other people!

The only problem is I find it a bit boring (am I never happy?).  It just lays there, flat against my head.  It is shiny, though, which mine has never been.   I hope I don't get too used to it because the treatment is crazy expensive...especially every 4 months!

The long and short of it is I like it, but I'm glad it's temporary:)

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Krista said...

Kind of exciting though! Good for you! I have never been able to have curly hair and I know exactly what you are talking about with it just laying there flat on your head. But currently I have a boy cut (okay, a "pixie cut") and I do get to spike it sometimes (which is a little crazy; it actually took me 6 months to get the nerve to spike it). Anyway...sounds like yours was kind of fun to do!