Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wanting to blog...

The desire is *totally* there...it's the follow through that's killing me!  And that is the story of my life:D

But, I did want to tell everyone that we are alive and had a great month of May.  Thought I would recap some of it and try to post some pics.  I got a new camera though, and have yet to transfer any pictures onto the computer, so we'll see if that really happens!

  • Got to see my SIL, Shanon at the end of April and that was fun!  She and I met in Muncie and just let the cousins play.  We were warming up for the family reunion later in May.
  • Early in May, I spent some time with my wonderful girlfriends at a cabin just outside of Shipshewana and had a great time there eating, playing games, and doing a lot of talking:)
  • School has been busy with field trips this month...we aren't the only ones ready to be done!  We also studied seeds and plants and tried our hand at gardening.  Even with the help of our nearby friend who is an amazing gardener, I think we managed to kill 50% of the plants already.  Seriously?!?
  • George took 2 days off in the middle of the month and we went to Kalahari Water Park  on a Living Social Deal and it was a blast!  They had so many things to do for all ages of kids.  Seth and Sam even went down water slides that were scary for me!  I rode a wet roller coaster and the 2 older kids and Geo did a surfing thing that looked crazy!  One of the best parts was the room.  A 2 room family suite.  This was the first time we actually did well in the hotel.  Maybe it's because Seth is finally old enough to just lay down with everyone else and go to sleep instead of standing up in the horrible hotel crib (if you are lucky enough to get one) and talk to everyone all night.  We ordered a huge pizza that night and let the kids eat pizza in bed and watch cartoons.  They thought they had died and gone to heaven:)  We were exhausted when we got home, but it was one of the best trips we have been on as a family.  I also realized that we should do vacations just as a family, in addition to the ones where we go on vacation to see extended family.  It felt nice to just be together and not paying attention to anything else.
  • My birthday happens to be in May and I got an awesome birthday present.  George bought me a Canon Rebel T2i.  That, my friends, is a really nice camera.  I have taken lots of pictures and most of them aren't all that great, but I am learning.  I really would like to take a class to learn how to use the camera better.  I am reading a few books and taking tons of pics of the kids.  It's fun!
  • We went to see the TinCaps in May.  Fun game!  Fun night with Grandma and Grandpa Lyon.  The weather was perfect, though a bit chilly for the kids.  I loved it.  We took all the kids (I think this was Seth's first time) and didn't get home until about 11pm.  Good times!  
  • Spent some time with Linda doing a garage sale.  I think we both realized the effort is not really worth the gain.  I really appreciated that she was willing to do it at her house and get everything hauled away at the end:)
  • May 19th was the day of my big race.  My first 5K!  See my other post for details:)
  • Got a haircut before the big family reunion and I don't love it yet.  I have a bandana on my head as I type.
  • Family Reunion in Maryland!!!!! Yay!  Can I just say that family reunions are my favorite things EVER!  So, I will blog about it on it's own, hopefully with some great pictures from my new camera:)
  • Last thing, we are on the tail end of the stomach flu.  It started with Natalie in Maryland, it followed us back to Indiana, and hit everyone else, except George.  How is it that he avoids sickness all the time?  It's a good thing, I just wonder why both of us can't avoid it? :)
So, the month of May was busy and I was crazy with prepping things and trips, doing laundry, doing school, cleaning, garage sale prepping, etc.  I am glad it's finally June and things are a little calmer, though the stomach flu has not really helped.  2 more weeks of school and then 6 weeks of freedom!  Or 6 weeks of time to plan all the unit studies for next year!  I do love that part:)  Life is good.

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