Monday, October 8, 2007

Help....My House is A Mess!

We now have a ton of room and it's like I just don't want to put anything away! Well, I believe my real problem is that I am not sure where everything should go and I have a TON more house to clean! My plea that I am putting into cyberspace is for organization tips!! What works for you? My big problem areas seem to be toy clutter, kids books, paper piles, clean laundry sitting around, bathrooms not getting cleaned and a messy kitchen:) Wow, good thing not many people come to my house! And, how do you stay motivated or get into cleaning habits? How do you divide cleaning into doable amounts? I hope you all can help me...I need it!

PS I would post a picture of my house to go with this post, but I am WAY too embarrassed!


Jennifer said...

Hey Anna Emily turned me on to looking at blogs, hope you don't mind. Organizing--lot's of clear tubs!! i used them everywhere. toys are very easy to clean up, even noah can do it and then we put them on the shelves and it's done!

Shanna Johnson said...

Well I've seen your book box. Tip #1 Go through it and keep only what is not ripped or colored on.
Tip #2 Take it one day at a time.
Tip #3 Weed the toys. It you absolutely are tired of the noise that one makes or how your kids fight over that other one, donate it to the nursury.
Tip #4 Make a place for the important papers. Get rid of the rest.
Tip #5 When the laundry comes out of the dryer, fold it and put it away right then. If you are not ready to fold then don't take it out of the dryer.

Thats all I can come up with. Good luck. And I agree with the clear tub thing. My sister does it and it works great.

Emily said...

Keep them coming, ladies becuase I need just as much help. I was totally whelmed, if not overwhelmed when we moved into this house. It just seems like there is MORE space for the kids to trash. Plus, I'm not nearly as organized as I was in the old house--I had to be. I've got lots of work ahead. Good luck! I'm sure your house is not as bad as you think.