Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My Brother Ben

It soon will be 33 years to the day of my brother's coming into the world. Wow, that means that I am almost 30...yikes! But, I digress!

I wanted to share some memories I have of Ben for his birthday. And no birthday is complete without a JibJab movie, right? Right! So here goes...

First the JibJab movie:)

Here are some of my memories!

1. Mom always tells the story when Ben and I were very young and she took us into the bathroom while she took a shower. She told Ben to watch me while she was showering. She gets out and I am IN the toliet. She says to Ben, "I told you to watch her!" And he says, "I am watching her...she's in the toilet."

2. I was greatly influenced by his choice of music. Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, Erasure and lots of others became my favorites because that is what I heard all of the time. Go 80s techno!

3. I always hated driving with him...especially to early morning seminary on icy mornings. I do believe there were many donuts done with me screaming in the passenger seat.

4. Ben and I got along great as soon as he moved out of the house:) Before then, I remember an audio cassette being thrown at my head during one of our spats. But I also remember looking forward to him coming home for family dinners every once and awhile.

5. Ben marrying Shanon was the best thing he has ever done. We have fun memories with the both of them. Their wedding, Thanksgiving holidays, doing Christmas, our family trip to Colorado, riding up that ski lift with our kids and no safety bar...

Ben, I hope you are loving your life right now and will enjoy your birthday. We wish you lived closer so our kids could get to know their "Uncle Ben" :) You are a great man and a great brother! Happy Birthday Benjy!

We love you! Anna and George and Levi, Natalie, Sam, and (soon) baby Maggie

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Debbie, Lee, Rachele and Kenny said...

That is so sweet of you. I love the toleit story.