Friday, August 8, 2008


I was born into a camping family and loved it! I was thrilled when the ward set up a ward camp-out. George...not so much. Has anyone ever BEEN camping with 4 children under 5? It just not as relaxing as I pictured it...but still fun!

The kids help me pack the car on Friday as the rain poured down. Geo called and said, "I am getting severe weather updates on my desktop. Are we still going?" By then, the car was packed and I informed him we are GOING! Like Emily said, we packed half of our house for less than 24 hours:)

When we got there, it was still pouring, but a few people were setting up as the rain gradually stopped so we decided to at least stay for dinner. We hadn't decided to stay yet, but if we did, we would use 2 tents. Well, turned out that a couple in our ward brought a tent with no stakes so we lent them our little tent. Our decision was made. Geo would stay with Levi and Nat and I would go home with the babies. We had a blast! I left around 10:15pm and got a good night's sleep and headed back.

Much to my surprise, Geo did not have a good night's sleep. They had a huge storm hit them at 12:30-lightening, thunder and hail. He was so worried. And they didn't even have a car to sit in safely. They just toughed it out. What little troopers!

The next day was beautiful! We hiked, cooked smores, and finished at the beach. Good times! Here are some pictures. Enjoy!

We let Sam play in the car so we didn't loose him. Smart!

Are all boys pyros?

Sam was happy!

Natalie was dirty:)

Everyone loved the fire pit!

Seth was a hit:)

And this was the trip home...we were all exhausted!


Abbey said...

Man, what a trip. Looks like you had fun, though! My favorite is the car ride home. :)

Shanna said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Cute picture of the kids crashing in the back.

Sariah said...

hahahahaha!! That last picture is my favorite! Looks like it was a fun time all around! :)

Emily said...

Love that lasdt picture. Too funny. Glad everyone survived!