Monday, August 25, 2008

Name that Tune

Updated 8/28
See if you can figure out which songs these lyrics come from. It makes me laugh so hard when the kids sing what it sounds like instead of what the words really are so I don't ever want to correct them:)

"Sinks by the wayside" (Tell Me the Stories of Jesus)
"Onward never onward" (Called to Serve)
"It's too late to go to John's" (Too Late to Apologize-New Republic)

"Stanky Doodle went to London" (Yankee Doodle)
"If I can button door" (I Am a Child of God-4th verse)


Debbie, Lee, Rachele and Kenny said...

I found that funny with the articles of faith while in primary. There was always at least one kids saying something about an elephant.

Sariah said...

Hmmmm, I can see Called to Serve in there and Yankee Doodle, but I'm clueless to the rest. Can't wait to find out what they are!!

Jennifer said...

woo-hoo, I had all of them but the first one--never would have gotten that. Your kids are so cute!