Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Can I really complain?

Ok, back to sleeping through the night. Seth now sleeps from about 6:30pm until 5:30am, nurses and goes back to sleep until 7am. This is great and I really CAN'T complain. But I am going to. He won't nap very long during the day! I think he is now getting all the sleep he needs (just about) so he takes these 20 minute naps. I can't do school in 20 minutes!!!! I need at least 45 minutes and an hour and a half would be fabulous!! Plus, he is super grumpy around 5pm, I know he needs to sleep, but can I really put him down then? Seems pretty early...or late (if it's a nap.) It's amazing how this is kid#4 and I can't figure him out. Or maybe, I have figured him out and I don't want to admit that he won't take long naps. *Sigh*


Shanna said...

I think he is at that age where this is a common thing. I remember both my kids going through that and it didn't last very long. You might just notice it more because you have something you need to do during that time and its interfering. Give it a couple of weeks and he should grow out of it. Or cut one of his naps so he will take a longer one.

Debbie, Lee, Rachele and Kenny said...

My kids NEVER took long naps. So I can feel for you. Maybe Shanna is right give him some time he'll grow out of it.

The Lyon's Den said...

At least his face is not falling in his food dish at supper time. Keep up the good work, Anna, you are doing all the right things. No one really understands babies. We used to use teething biscuits to get through these times. Do they sell those anymore? Oh well, when he is a teenager you won't even remember this problem. By then, you may even wish for the simple baby problems.