Monday, October 27, 2008

Reading with Daddy

Does anyone else have a husband who ad libs when reading kids' books aloud just to make you laugh? I checked out a very multi-cultural, world peace type of book and Geo was reading it yesterday to the kids. I think the passage went something like this,,,

Couldn't we play together? And wouldn't it be fun,
If, to our surprise, no one lost, and Everybody won?

We wouldn't ever have to prove, By race of time or test,
Who's stronger, faster, smarter, A commie or socialist?

It could have spurred a lesson on free enterprise, but the kids didn't really notice the change in the words.

George does this a lot and it just cracks me up! Most of the time, the kids catch him and make him read it right. I just love reading time at our house!!


Jennifer said...

That's so funny! Yes, Mike does that to, with the kids and with me. Sometimes we read books together and he ad libs then too.

joanna said...

That sounds like something Kris would do when he starts reading longer books to Big Al. Alex only sits still for a minute or two.