Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Convince me!

I am ready to give up...I don't really like either candidate and maybe I will write in Mitt Romney (wouldn't it be nice to have him during this economic crisis?) or Ron Paul (for all of you that knew I was a fan:) But before I do anything rash, I want to know why you think I should vote either way. Advice, please, anyone??


Sarah Bishop said...

I can't convince you because I don't like either of them either. I may vote for the Libertarian candidate Bob Barr, but writing in Ron Paul is also an option for me too.

Amyrun said...

Top Nine Reasons to Be an Obama Mama

9. You’re not a wealthy CEO (unless stay-at-home mom is merely a cover-up for your billion dollar enterprise;) If you make more than 250K a year, you might consider voting for McCain to keep your Bush era tax cuts. Otherwise, Obama all the way.

8. You want to see Indiana make history!

7. You want to see the country make history!

6. McCain is decrepit (which makes reason #2 even more important).

5. You want the president (and our country) to be respected.

4. You’re displeased with the Bush administration. Now, granted, McCain is not George Bush, but, our country is so far down the rabbit hole right now, that it’s going to take a big shift to correct course. In my eyes, McCain in many ways really is more of the same (and, as you’ll hear over and over again, he voted with Bush 90% of the time in the past eight years).

3. You want to vote for the best person. In his policies and interactions, Obama seems fair and honest. He’s fighting for hard-working families (and always has) and to me, represents real family values.

2. Sarah Palin. Now, we may differ on whether we agree or disagree with Sarah Palin’s views and policies, but perhaps we can agree that she is in no way shape or form qualified for the position of Vice President, let alone President. You wouldn’t give such consideration to someone interviewing for an executive position at a company, so I’m unsure why anyone is humoring her as a potential leader of the country. To me, McCain’s selection of Palin as a running mate shows that he has poor (or at least careless) judgment. In my opinion, she’s not a worthy role model for young women. She comes off as ditzy and not terribly smart (and really quite embarrassing -- see reason #5). I’m not a huge Hillary fan, but at least she knows what she’s talking about and has real, quantifiable experience as a politician.

1. You believe in the power of the people, of positive thinking, and of hope. We all make decisions based on faith, and, I believe that Obama is the right choice for me. When it comes down to it, it’s a gut decision. My gut says that Obama will bring hope and change (and most change, as painful as it might be, is good). He inspires people to get involved, and, in my opinion, engagement and action (as opposed to apathy) is what our country needs most right now. Change takes a village. We need people to believe that they can make a difference in their families, their neighborhoods, their communities, their world – and then we need people to be inspired to go do it. Obama gives me something to believe in. An Obama win would restore (some) of my faith in humanity and our country. McCain drives me back into my bubble, hopeless and cynical, with an eye roll and a sigh. And, despite some arguments, Obama’s not all inspiration. There’s plenty of substance to Obama’s plan for the economy, healthcare, and international affairs. In fact, in all three debates, though both candidates did plenty of talking around the issues, Obama offered more concrete answers and “straight talk.” And, on one final note, even if Obama were lacking substance (and standing on inspiration alone), so what, I say. Placebos can be very effective.

joanna said...

Anna - I'm with you about wanting to give up, except this is how I see it: One candidate for me is "not ideal". The other is "really bad." I can't bring myself to vote for someone who wants abortion to be completely legal without parental consent, without medical issues affecting the fetus, and without anything else affecting the mother's decision AND who wants to raise taxes right now. So...that has helped me make my decision to vote Republican. If you're looking at VP candidates, Sarah Palin has more executive experience than even Obama! Palin and McCain together have the mindset to protect the country and keep taxes low.
Those are my feelings based on their platforms.

May the force be with you!

Shanna said...

Not a democrat because they are pro gays and gay rights and gay marriage. And they are also for abortion. That's enough reason for me. Good luck with your decision.

Candi Criddle said...

I'm with you, I'll probably write in Mitt Romney because I am disgusted. Actual economists have looked at both of their plans and neither one has a chance of working. I feel like it's the Simpsons when the aliens are Bill Clinton and Bob Dole and they say "what are you going to do, it's a two party system."

Angela and Ethan said...

You should vote for Obama because he's freakin' awesome!!! Is that too vague a reason? :) I've been a fan of his for a long, long time. (Way before he announced he'd run for President.) Read "Dreams of My Father" to get a good feel for who he is. So, how do I rationalize voting for someone that I strongly disagree with on a few key issues? I'm still not sure of that myself. He's just so different (in a good way). I think Obama is what our country (and all the other countries we interact with in the world) could use right now. He could be a much needed breath of fresh air; granted, he'd have a huge mess to start cleaning up first. Although, I could be wrong. It'd be a much tougher choice for me if he was running against McCain/Romney. But McCain/Palin I just can't do. Hope that helped....haha...I'm thinking not so much. :)

Debbie, Lee, Rachele and Kenny said...

Well I would say vote how ever you feel. I work in Detroit and everyone here is a Obama supporter, but me. I keep that to myself. I really don't like either canidate or VP but I see Obama doing more harm thatn good so the other guy is for me.

Dewey and Susan said...

Realistically, we should just give up. Increase your food storage, pay down on your house as much as possible, put a windmill in your backyard, take up gardening in a serious way, raise rabbits and chickens, Be Prepared.

I think the Republican Party will be dead for a generation or more due to the financial mess. The only avenue for family values/strong national defense folks would be in a new party that jettisons the country club/Wall
Street element of the GOP.

Uncle Dew

meagan said...

HI Anna! I like being able to follow your blog, it's fun! You want my opinion and I just couldn't refuse. Sometimes I want to scream out my opinion. So, thank you for asking!

My goal is not to bash one and glorify the other, but to let you know why I am voting for Obama. As you know I grew up very republican. I voted Bush 4 years ago (my first time to vote) and look where he has gotten us today. We are dependent on oil for most everything, food, gas, plastic, building materials, etc... Being dependent on oil also makes us dependent on other countries. That is why we are in Iraq fighting (really) for oil, when Bush tells us we are looking for Bin Laden. When Bin Laden is in Afghanistan hiding and we obviously still haven't found him. Bush continues to spend 10 billion dollars a month for the war in Iraq when Bin Laden is in another country! He is lying, abusing his power, and spending money he could be putting towards our education, non-profits, 401 K's, pensions, social security, alternative energy, healthcare and could possibly lower taxes with that extra money. But instead he fights a pointless war so he can make his rich friends richer and himself richer and more popular amongst his rich friends.

McCain's plan provides little change to our economies current crisis and Bush's current doings. McCain still believes he needs to stay fighting in Iraq and not look for Bin Laden in Afghanistan. Don't you think we would have found Bin laden by now in Iraq since 9/11 with 10 billion dollars a month? It's because he's not there! Instead of giving money to our education and non-profits, McCain wants to cut ALL spending, except to his veterans. If all spending comes to a halt, how are our children going to learn? what about animal shelters, they will all be euthanized. Forget about affording food, you think it's bad now, we will probably go into a depression with McCain's plan. He also wants to get off of foreign oil, which is good, but he just wants to "Drill, baby, drill" here in America, off the coast of Florida!! Do you think all those retired couples looking out of their beach houses are going to vote for that? Florida is now for Obama. And the pipeline being built in Alaska? He promises jobs from that. Except that the majority of it goes through Canada, creating jobs for Canadians. McCain's healthcare promises that you can choose any insurance company you want and will give you 5,000 towards it, but he fails to mention he will tax you on that. I am very convinced that the only changing from McCain/Palin government is a deeper recession and possibly a depression. McCain has voted 90% for Bush while being in the senate.

Obama's plan swears for change and I believe, even if he doesn't keep all his promises, he will try his hardest to get us off of foreign oil and into alternative energy. Obama wants to end the war by taking the troops out of Iraq and put them and probably more into Afghanistan to catch Bin Laden.
He wants to take that 10 billion a month for the war and put it towards the things this country needs; healthcare, non-profits, education, etc...
We are currently 10 trillion dollars in debt and when Bush started we had a surplus! Obama also will keep tax the same for middle class, but plans to raise it for businesses making over $250,000 a year. His healthcare plan will be government based, which I do agree with because the regulations right now are so loose, that insurance companies are taking advantage of people by denying them, even for a pre-existing condition. It needs to be regulated.

McCain has been caught in several lies including the Keeting video, where he was under investigation of deregulation. Obama may not have much experience, but he does have more than Palin.

I personally think it's past the point of democrat vs. republican. It's now for "McSame" or change. And the fact that McCain/Palin have called Obama a terrorist makes them incredible in my eyes. We must have horrible homeland security if Obama is a terrorist and has made it this far!

Anna, I would watch the news constantly to understand both sides more and definitely study them well. Look up their websites if you haven't already. I think your gut instinct will tell you who to vote for. I don't blame you if you don't read all of this, but I swear it's the shortest I could make it and get my point across! Good luck!!

Emily said...

Well, you can read Tyler's blog and see how you feel after that...

Hugh Johnson said...

If you write in Mitt Romney it wont be counted. Individuals who wish to be write-in candidates must express their intent to the Indiana Election Commission.


Since he has endorsed McCain, I doubt that Romney has done this.

But then again, with the integrity of the voting process in question how much does our vote really count? An uncounted vote for Romney is probably as good as any other vote.

HO IV and crew said...

The next president will most likely replace two supreme court judges. They will make important decisions on the constitution. But the ones I'm most concerned about are abortion, marriage and freedom of speech. Look at their record on how they have voted on these items in the Senate. They are both very liberal, but one more so than the other. You need to ask yourself if these things are important to you and your family. If they are, decide which man best represents your own views and get out and vote. You live in a swing state. Your vote is important. Teresa

joanna said...

I think people are really forgetting that we had 5-6 years of good economy while George W. was our president. The economic crisis was spurred by people who bought too much house for their money (who couldn't afford what they bought) and by lenders who started giving money away, practically. I am sick of people "blaming" someone else for problems that occurred in our economy because of individuals' decisions. Sorry, I just had to say that. Obama is not the "christ" people make him out to be. People really think he's going to take all the extra tax revenues the government will make (since Obama is raising taxes) and put that to good use. I guarantee the poor will stay poor because (1) they will decide not to "do" instead of continue to "receive" and (2) not enough will go to people who actually need the money (the disabled, the elderly, etc.)

joanna said...

P.S. those who say McCain can't run the country because he's "old" and Palin should be taking care of her family more suffer from what we call in the employment world of "Gender and Age Discrimination."

Watashi no Uchi said...

I'm voting for Alan Keyes. He doesn't have much of a shot, but his morals are outstanding!

Caroline said...

So I know I'm a little late but here are my 2 cents. I like Obama. I like amyrun's comments. I think Obama is a better leader, he's more tolerant of people who are different (which I think is very important) and doesn't support gay marriage. I don't think abortion should be illegal but don't like quite how open he wants it so I don't agree with either candidate on that but I'd rather it be legal than not at all. I think Sarah Palin has proved how unqualified she is to be Pres should something happen to McCain and I think Obama would be more unifying in the long run. I don't know Personally there's things I like and dislike about both, but I feel like in a purely leadership ability way Obama would be much better. Also I think he'd help us get some better credibility in the world, the whole America rocks and if you disagree screw you attitude is fine I suppose, but it's not going to benefit anyone in the long run, or help us keep our country safe.