Friday, April 10, 2009

Random Thoughts on A Gloomy Morning

I'm not gloomy, just the weather. Anyway:) So, I really tried to go back to bed after someone's potty stop at 6:40am, but it wasn't happening so here I am. Here are the things that I am thinking about:
  • Barf in the car. A few days ago, Sam barfed in the car (I knew I should have stayed at home!) and it was a job to clean it all up (especially the car seat have to Houdini to get those things on and off!). It was a one time episode, so yesterday we went to the park and then out to Dog N' Suds. On the way home, the baby just started the car. Arg. So more cleanup. How do you clean the car and not have it smell VERY STRONGLY of chemicals for a long time? I don't know. But it's all clean now and I am praying for a barf-free Easter weekend. And my car really stinks.
  • Movies with the commentary on. I was watching Twilight last night with this on. It was totally lame! I love the movie, but every I see Kristin Stewart or Robert Pattinson talking in real life, I think they are so DUMB! She's very immature (she IS young I suppose) and he is completely self-deprecating which bothers me because my Edward character is perfect and does not need to make fun of himself because he exudes self-confidence. And the director just needs to act her age and say things that are interesting.
  • I want to make a homeschool blog. I want to record all of the successes of my homeschooling experience so I can read it when it is so hard.
  • I can't wait to see my parents! I bought tickets to fly to Utah and we are leaving on May 20th!! It should be an interesting vacation...4 kids on a plane, trying to work around my parents mission schedule and see everyone from FW that live out there. I can't wait!
  • The ward talent show is family is singing the pi song. What? You don't know it? It's the first 50 digits of pi set to "One little, two little, three little indians." This is what happens when you marry a genius that is musical:)
  • I am going to a Homeschool Conference next weekend and I am thrilled! It's in Cincinnati so I get to see my sister and I will be kid-free from Thursday night to Saturday night and I will get to listen to people who really understand homeschooling...unlike me! I just hope I don't go crazy in the Exhibit hall! I don't suppose I should go into debt to homeschool my kids:)
  • George has a half-day today! Yippee!!!
  • All George's siblings will be here tomorrow. You know what this means for me (provided no one is barfing)? It means that I have childcare for 2 days. The oldest cousins always completely entertain and even carry around my kids. Yippee! I hope we are healthy!

Ok, is this random or what? I am sure I could think of more...but I will spare you! Have a wonderful Good Friday and Easter!


Emily said...

wow! lots of fun stuff! hope the barfing is done!

Jo's Outlet said...

Hey, I watched Twilight with the commentary on, too! I had already seen the movie twice so I wanted to see what the actors said about it. I was disappointed like you. Kristen Stewart has got to be the dryest person in real life, ever. Anytime she answers a question, she acts like she is so uncomfortable and like she has other things she'd rather be doing. Blah! :) :)