Monday, October 12, 2009

Polaris Press: F is for Fall and Field Trips!

Solomon Farm Festival

Playing horseshoes at the farm

This was a log splitter that was very loud and kept the attention of my boys forever!

I really wanted that cute picture of all the kids around and in the midst of the beautiful pumpkins, but I was SO DONE by this point, this is the photo we got:)

This was wheat that they the kids watched them separate (I don't know the right word) and Natalie ate the wheat kernels by the handfuls. This older lady kept telling her, "Just put some in your pocket for later" about 5 times, so she did. It was pretty funny:)

This was a cute tractor being pulled by tractor ride that the kids loved.

We had a really nice time, but I wished I hadn't been by myself...I was EXHAUSTED by the end. We also spent lots of time in the petting zoo part of the festival, tried to walk on stilts, and rode on a hay ride. Seth was not a fan of the hay! The kids did well, though, and we were able to stay for a long time. I love fall festivals!

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