Monday, October 12, 2009

Polaris Press: Pumpkin Decorating

I have to laugh when I see things like this. When your child goes to public school, do they come home with things like this? No, they do not. And I will tell you why. Because your wonderful teachers are completely prepared with cute cutouts, coordinating colors, shapes that make sense with the theme and probably an example of what the project should or could look like in the end. Well, in homeschool, I am just not that good and I LOVE it! Becca and I put random things out on the table to decorate the pumpkins with. After saying things like, "Do you really want to use that? or Don't you think this might be better?" we decided to zip it and let the kids do what they wanted. Here are the results from my kids:

  1. A pink eyed, crazy mouthed, half head of hair pumpkin with a santa hat
  2. A cyclops with stickers all over his face and some weird birthmarks on his forehead
  3. A pirate hatted pink eyed, rock eared, button mouth cutie pumpkin (This one at least had body parts that were recognizable...Becca was helping Sam)

It's much more fun to do all these things with friends (except you HAVE to make sure that no chokeable things get on to the floor so no babies have problems:) It just adds to the excitement!

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momk said...

Tell everyone Grandma Lyon loved the pumpkins@! What fun. I wish I would have thought of that, I hate cutting and cleaning them. However, they are neat with a light inside.