Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Pics

Red Power Ranger, Ballerina, and Buzz Lightyear (with no wings or helmet, so he was only the toy Buzz...when he saw another kid in full get-up, he said,"There's the REAL Buzz Lightyear!")

Here's Seth as Tigger. The kids don't have much choice in the way of costumes. Whatever we have got in that size. Maybe someday, I will be creative, but it was not this year!

We enjoyed 4 Halloween parties and a Trunk or Treat at church. We didn't trick or treat on Sunday, so we ended up with lots less candy than last year, which is a good thing! I have eaten my fair share, though. Good times!

Happy Halloween!!!


Emily said...

Cute! You should have come trick or treating in our hood on Sat! Although, maybe its a good thing to have less candy... :)

Sailor Mom said...

The kids look like they had fun. We didn't trick or treat on Sunday either.

HO IV and crew said...

Cute Pics!!! Seth is getting so big!